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  • jose franco - me encanto

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  • ArferM - Better than manually filling out forms, not as user-friendly as I expected

    My experience with TaxACT ranks as okay, but I came from several years of Turbo Tax and find TT help, common questions, and walk-through features much easier to use. TaxACT isn't as customized so I was answering questions and filling in fields that normally I never see because TT screens them out based on some 'interview' questions. TaxACT said I could import my TT data but I never could get the import to work. Not a deal-breaker but it never really got better from there. Certainly better than manually filling out forms but I will go back to TT next year.

  • Haley Crook - Very disappointed in this seat.

    Very disappointed. I wanted to love this seat. I researched for months and bought this. It is seriously rock hard where the baby sits. I expected it to be firm but it was just cloth and the thinnest little pad you ever saw, then the hard EPP foam. The seat was also broken I'm pretty sure. It would lift up from the base and make a horrible noise and shift around when my son sat in it. Packed this seat up and it is headed back to Amazon tomorrow, it didn't even make it out to my car. Also I feel like certain elements of the seat they really didn't use the best quality. Like the chest clip, harness and belly pads, etc. For how much you pay for this seat it is pretty ridiculous. Clek really needs to work on comfort because their safety features really are top notch. I plan on getting a Peg Perego convertible instead.


    UPDATE: I hate this thing. The owners manual says the battery should last 6 months. I'm lucky if it lasts 6 days! I've had to change the battery so many times that the clips that hold the battery in place are starting to break off. It gives you no warning that the battery is getting low so if you don't have spares with you, even though you changed the battery 3 days prior, the battery will be low and that meter will be unusable. Its just complete garbage even though the idea is great and when it works its great. The battery life is an absolute death sentence for this thing though.

  • Kari McGrath - Good

    Have used this product every morning for two weeks or so now and can't really tell too much of a difference, but I think it's a good idea to get more greens in the diet, and this drink is better tasting than most out there.