Liggins Institute - The University of Auckland - The Liggins Institute is the University of Auckland's first large-scale research institute. Our vision is 'A healthy start for a healthy life' and our mission is to improve life-long health through excellent research into long term consequences of early life events.

  • Contact us - The University of Auckland - How to find us and key people to contact for research, student and media enquiries.
  • Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences - The University of Auckland - The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences is a large and diverse faculty with more than 4,000 students studying across our five schools, led by world-leading researchers and lecturers.
  • Study options - The University of Auckland - Choose from a wide range of postgraduate degrees and research projects to kick-start your career in biomedical research, or cultivate new skills that will complement your clinical practice.
  • Secondary school students and teachers - The University of Auckland - The Liggins Institute is the home of LENScience - a unique programme designed to bring schools and scientists together. Students, parents and teachers are invited to participate in our public programmes and events and register for regular updates on our research and other activities.
  • Scientists, health professionals and industry - The University of Auckland - The Liggins Institute offers information and opportunities for collaboration, employment and professional development to the science, medical and research community.
  • The community - The University of Auckland - The Liggins Institute has an active programme to engage with the community we work in.
  • The Liggins Institute - The University of Auckland - The Liggins Institute is one of the world’s leading centres for research on fetal and child health, nutrition, development, epigenetics and evolutionary medicine.
  • Research themes - The University of Auckland - Our goal is to turn research discoveries into real strategies that will help people to prevent and manage major health problems in the 21st century and our four key research themes focus on achieving this.
  • Facilities and expertise - The University of Auckland - The Liggins Institute on The University’s Grafton Campus houses specialised laboratory facilities and a purpose designed clinical research unit for metabolic and related studies on babies through to adults.
  • Research partnerships - The University of Auckland - Forging strong national and international linkages with researchers and organisations whose expertise and resources complement our own.
  • Research opportunities - The University of Auckland - We offer first-class supervision and facilities for postgraduate and postdoctoral research training.
  • Our people - The University of Auckland - Our academic, technical and support staff and postgraduate students come from a wide range of backgrounds which reflect our multidisciplinary research approaches.
  • Funding and support - The University of Auckland - We draw on public, commercial and community support to fund our research and outreach programmes.
  • Lectures and videos - The University of Auckland - Recordings of lectures and presentations about or by members of the Institute.
  • How to get involved - The University of Auckland - Attend a public lecture, take part in a clinical trial or make a donation. There are lots of ways to get involved and help improve health outcomes for people at every age and stage.

    Country:, Oceania, NZ

    City: 174.8935 Auckland, New Zealand

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