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  • Autumn - The Quality is Evident!

    I haven taken B-12 everyday for many years. I repeatedly purchase this product. I can just tell the quality is better than the B-12 I have been purchasing in the grocery store. It even tastes better. I have actually wasted other B-12 vitamins I have purchased and have returned to this product. It's one of my favorite Amazon purchases!

  • Danielle - Really works for me

    I wanted several months to review this product because in the past I've seen great success with similar products for a few weeks, written a glowing review, and then seen no further improvement. This one is really working for me. I've been using it after my morning shower and before bed for awhile and while I'm not totally in the clear, I've now got noticeable length of healthy toenail growing in (1/2 inch, maybe more). It helps to file your nails down so they are as short and as thin and possible, I actually cut mine back a bit with nail scissors. Try to push the gel under the ends as well as pushing it into the cuticle area. I'm using this with a tea tree soap. I've only got two problem nails so I slather them with generous amounts of the gel (maybe more isn't better but I figure it can't hurt) then wait 15-20 minutes before putting on shoes or socks.

  • C. Panasik - Plan to retire in America? Read this first.

    Thinking American citizens should read this book. If you are gainfully employed and have children and are concerned about the direction of American society, you should read this book. Mr. Murray compiles a large number of charts and graphs showing the changes in our society over several decades. The direction is not good. Neither is the moral gap that is growing in our country.

  • Kaimonkey - Fastest Boot drive, in the west!

    For a vast majority of people, 60gb is a very small drive. If this was a regular harddrive, well you're kind of screwed for just about anything, however since it is an SSD, one can use this product very easily for the regulated duty of a boot drive. A boot drive quite simply is a smallish ssd that you put just your operating system as well as a few tidbits of software that you use on a regular basis. On my desktop that I have this ssd installed, I have Windows 10 installed, as well as Chrome, and spotify, as well as a few technical software for my computer such as Radeon Settings and MSI afterburner for my graphics card.

  • C. Siano - fantastic mechanical keyboard.

    This might use their own mechanical contacts, but the result is still one of the best typing keyboards I've ever used. Oh, and you can control the LED on the emblem using the FN+F11 and FN+F12 keys. It's not in the manual.

  • L. A. - READ before purchasing !!!!! Important!

    Buyer beware!! This toy is made of cheap cheap plastic. I rarely write reviews, but I felt obligated. I purchased this "pitching soft toss device" from sports authority. With in 5 minutes of putting it together, it broke!! Crazy, right? This has got to be one of the cheapest made products I have ever purchased. I had to dial back the screw (as described in the instructions. But when I did, the bolt attached to the spring in the inside gave way and detached from the dial. If you have this product or plan on buying it (which I would not recommend) DO NOT OVER LOOSEN the back dial that controls the distance of the toss. I was able to get the bolt attached to the spring back on, but cracked the cheap plastic housing in the process. It's really made poorly. If I paid $10 or $20 for it, I may have considered keeping it, but I was so blown away of how quickly and easily it broke, I just had to return it. For the price of what this thing costs, you can get a much better machine or even pay a little more for a better made product. I was very disappointed.

  • T-Rav - and the materials used to make it are of good quality. Its what you should expect with Timbuk2

    I used it on a 5 day trip to puerto rico. It worked perfectly as my carry-on, it has plenty of space, and the materials used to make it are of good quality. Its what you should expect with Timbuk2. Only problems I had were you have nowhere to put the duffle bag handles so they just hung there while you wear it as a backpack(this may not bother others but it bothered me lol) along with that theres no shoulder strap if you wanted to keep it as a duffle bag just the handles. I wish there were more compartments!!! I did do a little hiking and used it in its backpack mode. I got into the thick of things and the bag held up very well. It did however get a little uncomfortable at the end of the hike so consider the weight you want to carry and the distance you'll be going. All in all good buy for sure