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  • Kirsten T - Powerful

    Wow this is so much brighter than I thought. Lol I thought it would be a good night light for my sons room. Ahhh only if I want to train him to sleep though a rave ! I got this product at a discount in return for an honest review. I would buy it again and recommend it with a warning about its power.

  • Shelley McDonald - ACT preparation

    I believe this is my first time looking at an ACT prep guide, and the it's the only one I've seen by ACT. I assume that a guide by the test makers is accurate and helpful. It is quite similar to the Kaplan and Barron's test prep books I've studied for other exams, such as the SAT.

  • Jay Patel - Outstanding Cable!

    High quality cable! This is a great car charger for your macbook pro that is compatible with magsafe 2. The adapter is built to last. It is made of a high quality plastic and the metal tips are solid high quality, not the bendable metal tips you might find in some other car chargers. The cable is 5.5 feet which is plenty long when you're in the car and something you never have to worry about is fuse replacing. This is a fuse free system that has overcharge protection to ensure that it will not overcharge. It also includes a high quality handy bag made of a soft material.

  • Renz - Xbox One is a fantastic game console and my personal favorite of this generation ...

    Xbox One is a fantastic game console and my personal favorite of this generation (I also own a PS4). Hooking up your cable box through the HDMI in on the Xbox makes things incredible simple. I can play game, then instantly switch to live TV while eating dinner, and then instantly switch back to the game when I'm done eating. I can also suspend the state of the last game I was playing so that when I turn the console on the next day I can instantly pick up where I left off in the game without any load times. The controller is the best game controller I've ever owned (beating out Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation 1/2/3/4, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, WiiU, and more. It's very comfortable and the rumble triggers are fantastic for shooting and driving. Battery life is phenomenal compared to the Playstation 4. I like that the batteries are removable so I can use Eneloop pros to make the battery life even better. The console is completely silent when not using a disc, but even disc noise is minimal. Software updates for the console have been pushed out monthly (with a small break over the Holidays) and they have been consistently delivering quality features while not introducing a significant amount of bugs. I buy all multi-platform games on the Xbox One. Even though the PS4 has had marginally better graphics in some titles, I still prefer playing on the Xbox. It's just easier to not have to change inputs on the receiver or reload the game every time I turn the console on. Also, to not have to worry if the controller's battery has drained even when I was not using it is a big plus.

  • Vikki J. Bohlman - works great

    Works great. Does not fit ALL ATV's. Had to make some modification. Great going over bumpy terrain to seed, the seed will not fly out, or if raining it doesn't get all gummed up. Would get again, knowing we will have to make it fit our ATV.

  • Chris Hagemann - Paw Patrol Giant Puzzle

    A great puzzle for Paw Patrol fans. Nice big pieces, excellent quality, perfect color and images of characters. My grandson, who is 5 1/2 years old, loves it. He wants to put it together every time he comes to my house, which is quite often. Can't wait to get more Paw Patrol puzzles.

  • Amazon Customer - Started good then got tedious

    I liked it but the was a lot of lacking important (at least to me) details like what the armour and shields look like and a few other things but instead focused non important but story strengthening details