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  • Garry G. Fujita - Does not play well with my computer

    I have a Dell 8500, Windows 8, i7 processor and 16 gb of ram. (This is pretty current as far as technology is concerned.) Roxio NXT will work and then not work. Videowave will shut down at random times. Finally, I was able to finish one production (part of which included extracting audio from a video on my camera and adding it to the final product). Then I went to burn the DVD but MyDvd would not encode the production. I could find no help at the Roxio website but found a blog on the internet speaking to the problem and it said that if you reboot the computer, and then open MyDvd, Roxio will burn the DVD. Voila, it worked by rebooting. Tonight when I went to do a new production, I tried extracting audio from another one of my videos from my camera. Every time I tried to extract audio ... something that worked 5 days ago ... Vidoewave closed. Rebooting did not solve this problem, so back to the internet to see if anyone else has had this problem and found a work around. I will now look for a more reliable program to replace this buggy product.

  • MamaSays - Just what I needed

    When I first heard about this product I suspected that this might be exactly what I need for a problem that was becoming increasingly more painful. My feet were to the point that stepping out of bed in the morning was like stepping on knives, my feet hurt constantly and to wear any type of shoes but slippers was crippling. My legs constantly ached and felt tired. Within 2 days of starting All Day Energy Greens, the swelling had come down so much that I could not believe how thin my feet were, it had been so long that I had suffered from swelling. I didn't even realize that I was. A week later, I noticed that my hands were much smaller and daintier and my rings were loose. I no longer have aching legs. My feet feel wonderful. I just feel as if my entire circulatory system has been revived, and now I understand that I must have truly been languishing. I no longer have clotting with my cycle. I do not nap anymore! The puffiness in my face is gone and I am aware of my bones! My blood pressure, which has always been low, but has been creeping up lately is now back to 120/60. I could not live long without this.

  • C. davey - GREAT, Sturdy and FAST machine! LOVE you SINGER!!!!

    WOW! I just LOVE Singer! Grew up using my Mom's Tan Singer. Since then have used other brands and I was always disappointed in them (constantly breaking) This time I went with the HEAVY DUTY version and I am so glad that I did! I felt the heft of it immediately when I started sewing. Very substantial and FAST! Love the ability to use the sleeve arm too and the little compartment to keep tiny things away and safe, but within easy reach. I never ever used any of those stupid "fancy stitches" (how to immediately announce a "home-made" outfit!) so I don't miss those "extras" with this machine. It does forward and back, zig-zag and buttonholes. That is all I will ever need. Will update later after using for a while on the longevity of this machine. But it was so cheap ($119 with shipping!) that if it only last a year or two, I will still be happy!

  • Donna Hague - that's super fast.

    I just purchased this for my husband because he took a job that will take him away for almost two months so I thought Wilson could keep him company and he loves the movie so it's a win is Tuesday and it said I should get it Thursday...that's super fast...and he leaves on Sunday so this will be perfect to give to him before he leaves....ill had another review after I get it. What an awesome gift to be able to give someone...we love Tom Hanks and loved Castaway...