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  • Elevit With Iodine Tablets 100 [PM] - Maungatapu Pharmacy - New Zealand Online Chemist - Nutritional support for pregnancy and throughout lactation.. Category: Elevit. Product: Elevit With Iodine Tablets 100 [PM]
  • Andrea Brazilian Hard Wax 113g - Maungatapu Pharmacy - New Zealand Online Chemist - Andrea Brazilian Wax is a special formulation blended to gently remove the most stubborn hairs. No muslin strips are required for the use of this product. The Andrea Brazilian Wax Kit allows you to perform this hair removal process in the comfort of
  • De Worm 6 Orange Flavoured Chewable Tablets [PM] - Maungatapu Pharmacy - New Zealand Online Chemist - Eliminates threadworm with one single dose tablet.. Category: Digestive System Care. Product: De Worm 6 Orange Flavoured Chewable Tablets [PM]

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  • Minola - Wonderful car seat

    This truly is the mother of all carseats. I have two kiddo's ages 2 1/2 and 7 months, and was in the market for a new carseat for my youngest. After some extensive consumer research we decided to go with the Foonf, with the hopes that we could get our older daughter in the Foonf and back into a rear facing position as she was currently in a Britax Marathon front facing(for obvious safety reasons, something I was not comfortable with.) I wasn't expecting to be able to successfully transition her from front facing to rear facing, but we figured if nothing else she could remain in her current Britax carseat, and we could give the new Foonf to our 7 month old.

  • hellpuppy - Makes great videos, but barely acceptable battery life

    There HERO 3 Black Edition is one powerful tiny video camera. I wont bore you with restating the specs, but suffice to say the resolutions, frame rates, etc all work as advertised and produce some outstanding videos. Again, I'm sure if you're looking at this, you've already seen videos online of what this baby can do. So allow me to tell you a few things that the specs and demonstrations do not....

  • Melanie - Lifesaver for UTI issues

    These were an absolute life-saver after a series of recurring UTIs. I haven't had any problems after using these AZO tablets regularly.

  • Toddler Mom - Micro Mini bikes are the only light bikes for your short kids

    My 6yo daughter is only 37 pounds. I didn't realize that she hated bicycle riding because the kid bikes are soooo heavy. Steel 20 inch bikes weigh around 35 pounds. Even the quality aluminum bikes average 25 pounds. I got the Intense Micro Mini pro race bike with 20 inch wheels(not the Mini XL) and it was only 14.5 pounds! Although, we don't plan to race with this, my daughter now bikes more than 2 minutes. I would give this bike 5 stars if the bike allowed options to change the plastic seat to padded ones and being able to add gears. But, this was the only bike in this light weight class that was under $400 at my local bike shop.

  • buddy - this does not whiten teeth.lies lies lies..not whiter

    This does not whiten teeth.This is a lie. My teeth did not get any whiter. I don't have bad teeth I just wanted them whitened a little more. pics they look extremely white but this toothpaste is a fraud and will not whiten teeth. Trust me if you buy just remember I told you so.