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  • Scarlett Trombetta - High quality low price

    In my opinion this is the best baitcaster made. I have several other brands, and this reel out performs them all. It is smooth, very well made and performs flawlessly. All for a great price.

  • Tara J. Martin - Family didn't like it.

    Kids and husband won't eat it because thry don't like the taste. Texture is about the same as regular cheese. But I do appreciate that someone is trying to make an alternative.

  • pook - Not what I expected as a non-Catholic

    Before reading this book (I was given this book as a gift)I was quite sceptical of where it came from and who wrote it. The author apparently does not want the focus on himself, but rather on Mary. I understand this reasoning and respect it though I do not believe in the apparitions. I spent the beginning of my life as a devout 'practicing' Catholic, before accepting only Jesus as the "one mediator between God and man". It is true, much of the church has taken with liberal/liberation theology(socialism) and accepted socialistic doctrines. Much of this has been spread through the once great Protestant and Catholic universities. Beware self proclaimed theologians who direct you away from the Bible and our founding principles. I listen politely, think and then file their teaching away.

  • J. Scott - Price increase from 418 to $25 just like that?

    Works well and affordable the first time I bought it. But why did the price go up so much when I tried to reorder? Guess I will try something else. I won't be paying high prices. I bought it for $18 now I try to reorder and it's $24.90. I will pass.

  • Doctor Dean - All--yes, all--Roxio products suck!!!!!

    I have been using Roxio to record music and data since the days when they were called Adaptec. Then, they had the potential to be the best music-recording software ever. However, they quckly grew too huge for their crappy pants, and greedily sought to take over everything--adding photo editing, ringtones, etc., etc. Yes, they got bigger and bigger, and worse and worse at the few things they were actually once good at. Following in the footsteps of computer giant anuses like Microsoft, Adobe, and Java, they now insist on 24-7 open access to your computer, I guess in the name of "updates," which probably turns out to be selling personal data about you to everyone who wants a piece of you. Every time I try to open a Roxio product without internet connection, the software throws a big fit like an overghrown poopy baby. I just had to delete another Roxio suite because it apparently didn't like starting without internet, so the flash screen just sat their pouting in the middle of my screen. I am completely sick of Roxio, and determined not to reinstall that suite again. Their prime was way back around version 6, and everything since belongs in a dumpster. You better streamline back to what you were best at and quit trying to own the whole damn computer world, Roxio, or you may soon find yourself completely forgotten as a recording software.

  • Samuel H. Westover - Great for road bikes!

    I've been riding Speedplay pedals on my road bikes for 20+ years. I loved the road pedals, but didn't love the shoes and having to walk on the balls of my feet all the time. I switched to the Frogs years ago, and ride with mountain bike shoes that are way more comfortable than road shoes. Unlike other clipless pedals, I've NEVER been unable to clip out when I want to. No falling over at stoplights. :) I never clip out when I don't want to, but it's amazingly easy to clip out when I do want to. The float is also fantastic for my knees and overall comfort on long rides. Brilliant pedals.