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  • Frank Fleming - Quicken Premier 2014 - Upgrade from Quicken 2011

    This review is simply about upgrading from Quicken 2011 to Quicken 2014. I suspect that like many Quicken customers I felt nervous about upgrading from the earlier 2011 version, which after 3-years of faultless operation, I had become very comfortable with and more importantly could trust. The poor reviews of last years 2013 offering, with it's many problems, had filled me with trepidation, but due to Intuits sunset policy of rendering 3-year old versions inoperable when downloading from the web (why not operate on an annual license fee instead?) I felt compelled to take the plunge. First, I took a screen shot of the 2011 home page so that I could quickly check the balances when the new version was operable, then I backed up my latest 2011 Quicken file and finally downloaded 2014. Much to my relief both the download and installation processes were seamless. When started the program rapidly found my data file and accepted my password without hesitation, then a few minutes of file conversion ensued until 2014 opened to a very familiar home page; it had kept all of my screen settings intact! More importantly all my balances were correct. I then updated all my accounts and was again pleased to see that the update time seemed to be approximately the same and that all my financial institutions communicated without any errors. The basic features of the program all seem to be working properly, however as I don't use budgeting nor do I have any requirement for the mobile application, I am not in a position to make any comment on these features. In conclusion, a painless but expensive transition to what, at least initially, appears to be a very similar product to the 2011 version.

  • Anthony Pacheco - Suprisingly Positive and Honest at the Same Time

    This primer is a lot of things. Politically correct and hedging it is not. It goes all in: to improve your marriage, improve your sex life. To improve your sex life, as a man, become a better man. A better man is a man a woman finds more attractive than other men. Where warranted, he backs this with evolutionary theory

  • Liz Pei - Didn't work :(

    Am I the only one who have a problem taking this without any effect???? Many of the reviews seems all worked with them. Each individual is different so i don't want to give so much negative review here but just to say..... IT DIDNT WORK TO ME... maybefor the others will work. Good luck.

  • BBT player - GARBAGE!

    This product is a total scam! Amazon should be ashamed of selling such crap. If you really want to hear you first must have a hearing test completed by an audiologist who can tell you how much hearing loss you have - there is no hearing test needed for this junk so you're really just estimating how much to turn up the volume. A HEARING AID is much smaller than this device, is specifically programmed based on the individual's hearing loss, and has the ability to reduce the background noise. All you get with this device is something that turns up all sounds around you. Don't waste your money..... and remember, you get what you pay for!

  • Kindle Customer - Birthday Gift

    Got this for my son's 21st birhtday. He had to take them out and use them even in November. He really like them.

  • james b potter - Great Classic

    So nice to see a classic game. Bought this for a toy drive but will have to order another for my grandchildren. It reminds me of life before video games when you actually had to use your brain to think

  • Christie - Not the Desperate Housewives meets Criminal Minds novel I expected

    First, I wouldn't call The Fall Guy a "psychological thriller" or a "gripping suspense story". Matthew, the down on his luck protagonist moves in with his cousin Charlie and Charlie's wife Chloe for the summer at their home upstate; while there's definitely tension between the three of them, Matthew more closely resembles a nosy teenage spy than someone at the center of a "deadly web of secrets, obsession, and revenge". While it does move along relatively quickly, the parts where Charlie ends up in banking related conversations read like you've stepped into The Big Short. For readers who don't know all the ins and outs of banking, it doesn't add anything to the story other than to prove that Charlie has more money readily available than Matthew. Not a bad book, but if you've got a choice, read something else. You'll just feel foolish by the time you finish this one.