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  • Rorschach Failed - It does not work! Wast of money!

    I have seven dogs 70lb to 120lb . We live in a high Tick and Flea area. All dogs got a Seresto collar in March. Right away I found some Ticks on them - but I wanted to give the collar some time to work and waited... By june I found more and more fat Ticks on them - alive and happy! By July all had Fleas! Going back to Spot ons. Never had a flea problem before.....

  • Smitty79 - Satisfied and great deal

    I ordered it and had it shipped next day. It took about ten seconds to program and BLAM! It was all ready to go.

  • Livewire - Great Toy

    Never experienced anything quite like it. Can't put it down. In fact I have quit my job to allow me to play with this toy full-time. Now that I have purchased this toy, my job has become superfluous. It is now apparent that the only reason I (or anyone) had a job was to purchase this toy.

  • DENNIS - Buy the earlier versions

    This edition is not as good as the previous versions. the format is smaller and the pictures and illustationa seem to be scaned from previous printings having severe image degradation. The information is still great.

  • Janie Mae Martin - Amazing Grace Oil

    I have several auto-immune diseases that have been attacking my body for more than 15 years. Over the years I have gotten progressively worse. I experience severe joint pain, fatigue, muscle pain, depression and other symptoms that have all but stolen my joy, youth, spirit, and will to endure another day. I've grown tired of taking 15- 20 medications that do nothing but financially deplete me, and physically have me incapacitated or in-coherent. I tried Black Seed Oil because I was told by a stranger who came up to me and told me about the oil. The oil does exactly what it says. My pain isn't completely gone, but it is significantly better and not so intense since I started taking the oil. Also, I use the oil on my hair because it was almost bald because of all the biological and immune suppressant drugs that I take. My hair has gotten thicker and it sheds less. I use the oil on my skin, it was so damaged with blemishes and sores, which I tried to hid under makeup. I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin as well, it has improved in its elasticity and it is more supple. I've been taking the oil for approximately 3 weeks. I bought the capsules and for some reason they don't do nothing for me. My body doesn't respond to the capsules. I found out something important about the oil that was most amazing, I forgot to take it one day, and all of my symptoms immediately re-appeared. I was in so much pain, agony, and discomfort I tried taking everything, but found no relief. I had gotten off of most of the prescribed medication and my doctor didn't know it. I have high blood pressure too, and the oil lowered my high blood pressure. Finally, I took a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil and within minutes the pain sub- sided. Now as a daily regiment I take 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 teaspoon before bedtime. I pray my experience helps someone. I will continue to purchase the oil for as long as I can. All I can say is all praises to the Lord, and the person he sent to tell me about the oil. I was at my wits end battling all these diseases. Lord thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!

  • Arizona Native - Less Dimples, Smoother, Firmer & Tighter Skin

    There is no cure for cellulite in a bottle or jar. Cellulite treatments are relatively expensive and require a series of aggressive treatments and getting these treatments on a regular basis to try and maintain a smoother appearance of the skin where the cellulite exists. Even lipo may not eliminate cellulite. Skinny people even have cellulite. People who are physically fit (exercise on a regular basis) and eat clean also have cellulite. Some people can have their cellulite below the muscle which is even harder to reduce/treat.