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  • Lorissa Elliott - My favorite face product

    I use this as a face moisturizer and it's the best! The oil doesn't clog just leaves your skin super soft by the aloe Vera and vitamin e, and the tea tree REALLY wipes out my acne. It's so gentle so zero irritation. Plus, a little goes a long way! The bottle lasts me around 7-9 months or so, I highly recommend! ( this is what got my face clear from what my used to be bad acne! )

  • tara pastore - Great quick lunch break workout

    In exchange for an unbiased product review, I was given a Simply Fit exercise Board free of charge. As a healthy 45 year old working mom on the go (with no time for exercise) this product seemed like the right product to fit into my schedule. I figured that Some exercise is certainly better than No exercise! The instructional DVD was helpful as well as easy to follow. Within 2 weeks I was able to progress to many of the “floor” exercises as well as the basic balancing exercises. I feel great these days and have been able to fit “my workout into my work schedule. I keep it in the trunk of my car -- sometimes I use it on my lunch break or at the end of the work day for a quick energy boost. As a matter of fact, I am far more productive in my sales career than ever before. It has to be that my demeanor and attitude are so positive these days and it can be attributed to my exercise schedule and my “Simply Fit Board”. The board is bright green and made out of a very thick resin-like material. Its really firm and sturdy I have been really tough on it (throwing it in my trunk, the kids playing and spinning on it, etc…) but it shows no signs of breaking.

  • Metnav87 - Great Machine for a student with constant internet access!

    I bought this chromebook for web surfing and schoolwork. This machine does both very well. Ensure you know the limitations of what you are buying before making this purchase. I wanted a laptop I could take with me to school that had a long lasting battery, was fast, and would not break the bank. This machine does it all. I get about 8 hours of battery life on average and I have not seen it slow down for any reason. All my schoolwork is created and maintained in google docs which interfaces with this machine very well. A slight learning curve existed while I familiarized myself with google docs but now I love being able to manipulate/access my work from anywhere (including my cell phone). Not to get off topic but I have grown to prefer google docs vs office products regardless of what computer system I am using. If your requirements do not exceed the limitations of this machine I would recommend it, just know upfront that this is not a platform to play games...

  • Orweller Family - Helpful sleep aid. Non habit forming.

    Helps me get to sleep and wake up less. I can still wake up if the baby cries or the alarm goes off. Note that 48 count pills = 24 servings.

  • Kimberly Shaffer - awesome

    We purchased this for a 2008 Jeep Wrangler which we did a list on as well as new tires & wheels all the products that we use was ordered off of Amazon also what this unit does this help stabilize your steering on your Jeep we tried driving the Jeep with the left first but was not stable and had the Jeep wobble is everybody knows after installing this the Jeep drives like new love the product will buy again great great product