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  • Lisa P. - It is AMAZING!!

    My husband just bought this projector at Home Depot for $69 for Halloween. It is AMAZING!!!! The Zombie scene is so incredibly creepy that we are still freaked out. I finally had to switch it to the Bones Dancing because it was freaking everyone out. I would purchase again. As a matter of fact, I will be purchasing 2 more for my other rooms. So cool!!1

  • Barbara - Works great!!

    Bought this for my grand daughter for her IPod. She tested it right away by putting tissue in the case and putting it in a sink of water. the tissue came out absolutely dry. She has since used the pouch to take pics while swimming at the great wolf lodge and listening to music in the shower. the strap that comes with it is large enough to wear it around your neck. She likes doing the challenges they have on social media now like dumping cold water over your head. She use to use a plastic baggie and often times it would get a tear in it. This pouch is great and well worth the price considering the replacement cost for the device you are putting in it.

  • Bev S. - Very good

    Has helped me with a million questions as I started working with Quickbooks. A well written manual and a great reference.

  • KnC Books - It's all in here

    In my opinion, the purpose of literature is to help me see the world through other eyes, and to look beyond the narrow construct of my personal view of 'how things are'. The essay seeks to accomplish this by allowing the author to forward their personal viewpoint on matters of their choosing; a well-written essay will bring the reader into the author's world view, hopefully to expand the reader's viewpoint in the process.

  • Rashard Bryan - Great variety with this kit

    I have purchased other space saving vacuum bags in the past but what convinced me to purchase this kit was because of the variety of types and sizes of bags included in this kit. Simply put, it has every size bag that I currently need and may need in the future. So far I have used about half of the bags storing towels, linen and a few pillows and I have had no problems with the bags holding their seal while in storage. I have also used the travel size bags for clothes when traveling and it is great having the option to use either the roll up bags or the travel size vacuum bag with the small pump that is included in the kit.

  • WildVine - Simplistic Spellbook

    In giving an honest review, I must say that I imagine most people would be somewhat disappointed with this book, though it is not downright terrible by any means.