Medisoft® V20 Billing Software - Two Months Support Included - McKesson’s ICD-10 compliant Medisoft® retains national popularity with independent providers. Electronic billing set up any clearinghouse for one database included. Help resources online.

  • Medisoft Support | Remote Support - Our technical support includes virtual on-site support. Virtual on-site support (VOS) is the remote control and sharing of your computer’s desktop upon your permission.
  • Medisoft Application Hosting | Server Hosting - Medisoft Hosting - MedTech can host the Medisoft application on Windows database servers. Application hosting allows you to access your Medisoft database from any location where an internet connection is available.
  • Medisoft Support | Technical Support - Medisoft Support - Need help with your Medisoft? MedTech has you covered. $250 for one month (discounts for multi-month purchases)
  • McKesson Practice Choice - McKesson Practice Choice is a Scheduling, Electronic Health Record and Patient Billing application all-in-one, accessed via the internet.
  • Medisoft Clinical | Medisoft Software - “In a nutshell, the one thing that sets Medisoft Clinical EHR apart from the other EHR systems I have had a chance to look at, is the Bright Note Technology™ that McKesson developed for it.

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  • Alexis - Great for powerlifters

    Not only does it reinforce my grip, it also helped with the callouses. I guess the rubbing of sweaty palms makes it easier to tear your hands, but with this stuff on it has really cut down on the amount of tearing I get from the bar. I would really recommend this.

  • Excellent. Easy to read. Much helpful information. - Excellent. Easy to read. Much helpful information.

    Mr. Landis has succeeded in making a very complicated subject comprehensible to the average reader. All my questions about how the system works were answered. I appreciated the fact that Mr. Landis was employed by the Social Security Administration for many years and was able to give an insider's account of procedures and benefits. Many thanks for this very helpful book!

  • LiveMind - Worse than Useless

    It did not protect my laptop from CTB-Locker, and I lost all my files. They (McAffe customer support) think this is alright, I just have to pay them $179 to remove the virus (NOT to restore the files), and to provide one more year of "protection". How is McAffe different from CTB-Locker? Shame on Amazon for selling this!

  • Andrew Oldroyd - won't buy another one

    I had a bad experience with the CR model so I was given the opportunity to buy the NR model at a discounted price. I was told that all the "bugs" with the CR model had been fixed. I can tell you for sure that they haven't. Any money you save from an energy standpoint will quickly disappear with all the maintenance costs. I have spent over $2,000 in the last 3 years getting my models fixed. My hot water goes out at least every 6 months. When I call the customer service line to get some tech support, I am given no help at all. They always just say "call your local servicer". Last time my I was told my flow sensor was bad - a new one was very expensive plus I had to pay the plumber for install. These things have been nothing but a headache. My hot water went out again a few months back and I got the same bad service from the tech support line. I'm done paying my plumber thousands of dollars to fix these things every 6 months. I bought and installed an electrical water heater and have no issues. My electrical bill hasn't increased any more than my gas bill decreased - so I'm not sure these units save that much money to begin with. Please learn from my experiences and don't buy Navien heaters - their product is bad and their customer service is worse.

  • clong - 2 in 1 stroller

    I have tried 3 or 4 other strollers and knew what I was looking for if I were to design a stroller and this one is pretty darn close. It's light weight enough as my everyday stroller,but also larger and comfortable enough for bigger day trips. This is why I was willing to pay more for this stroller b/c I think this will grow with my child, and not have to have a lightweight and larger stroller. The wheels are large enough so it rolls well without a lot of force, yet the axle isn't so large you feel like you have to have a sign saying wide load coming though! My 7 month old loves having the tray to hold onto and sit forward and watch the world roll by.

  • John W. McCallim - & still put on a g GREAT SHOW!

    the Hall of Famers shows they still got it, & still put on a g GREAT SHOW!!!! I LOVED IT! I've seen C.S.N. 25 times in person. Now I have a special piece of history of them always!

  • C. Sutton - Left my Relaxed Hair Feeling Moisturized

    I used this for the first time a day or two ago. I was happily surprised with how thick it was, since I've been trying out new conditioners and the last one (Mane N' Tail) dried the mess out of my hair.