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  • Sunshine - Awesome treadmill; awesome shipping/assembly deal!

    I researched treadmills for MONTHS before finally deciding on a Sole F80. I've been running for about 8 months and ran my first Half Marathon a few months ago. I usually run about 3-4 days per week, 15-25 miles per week. I am an outdoor runner, but this winter has been a doozy and I wanted an option for days that it's too icy to hit the trail. I spent hours reading reviews on Amazon and other treadmill review sites.

  • Teresa26 - I have thinning, highlighted hair, needed conditioning, ...

    I have thinning, highlighted hair, needed conditioning, due to heat styling and processing. Hair is softer, didn't care for the scent.

  • AliceNoLongerInDallas - His Very Best.

    I love the work of Scott Pratt. I looked forward to this newest venture, as always. And it was definitely worth the wait .... but not for the usual reasons.

  • Beth - product works almost TOO well - cover any velcro fastenings before spraying!

    This is a great product. We always spray it outside and let the item(s) dry out doors for ten minutes as there is a strong smell that goes away within five minutes. A word of caution, however, if you are using this product on a cushion, coat, etc. that has any velcro fasteners or tabs. The product works so well at providing a smooth coating that if you spray it on velcro it will make the velcro less able to stick/fasten! (We learned this the hard way.) I would strongly recommend covering the velcro (only) with plastic wrap, foil, or some similar temporary but airtight covering before spraying the item(s). Other than that, spray away!

  • Weenus Fuzzz - Good stuff

    Was supposed to get my physical copy today but received my digital code instead and I'm loving the game! Brings back great memories! Can't wait to play the remastered editions! Never have gotten to play the 3rd one or judgement so looking forward to that as well!

  • Lolita - Thanks for nothing

    I do not have time to even know how this product will work. It's pump system! I had to open top, after the pump stopped