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  • Richard - Great IT go bag!

    I had shopped around for several weeks before finally deciding on this bag, and could not be happier. As a semi desk bound IT guy, I wanted something lightweight,, and rugged, but still able to pack a laptop and electronics along for the ride. It also needed to look somewhat professional. This bag has delivered on all those fronts and more!

  • Louis - Use NEWSPAPER! (not paper towels)

    Stoner's aerosol and crumpled up newspaper. That's all you need. Try it, you'll be amazed at the results. This is how you get rid of the useless sales papers they stuff your mailbox with and throw into your driveway. Using newspapers is an old car person's tip from way, way back. No, the ink won't come off on the windows/mirrors. Yes, it will come off on your fingers. That's where soap and paper towels come in. . .