Midwest Special instruments Corp. In Savage, Mn - Midwest Special Instruments Corp. in Savage provides Sales & Service of audiometers, tympanometers, Balance instrumentation, spirometers, breath alcohol testers, respirator fittesters, vision screeners, hearing aid analyzers, and otoacoustic emission instruments.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Skylar Lyon - This book is life changing...

    I've had a microwave in my house since I was a child... I never knew how to use it though. It was purely just decorative piece to impress the ladies and business partners who may come over for dinner. I mean really, who know's how to use a microwave? Ever since reading Ms. Allen's book, my microwave has gone from a conversation piece to a piece of functional furniture! The next time I'm trying to woo a lady or my boss, I'll just make them Sonia's three bean guacamole dip, and I'm confident I'll soon be microwaving for two on a middle manager's salary.

  • Tina R Hill - I also like that it is not stiff at all

    This is a very well made and durable bath mat. Most mats I've bought in the past were thin and didn't last long. I also like that it is not stiff at all. Very easy to use. Sticks to the tub perfectly without issues. This may also has a great nonslip surface. Mats I've had in the past really weren't worth the hassle. They were stiff, hard to stick to the surface and were slippery themselves. I've not had this issue with this mat. I highly recommend this mat for a safe surface in the tub or shower.

  • Don van den Andel - The Gjallarhorn announces the coming Ragnarok!

    Ragnarok surpasses all hopes and expectations. This third Wardruna album picks up where Yggdrasil left off. It rounds out Wardruna's perfect musical representation of the Elder Futhark. From the clarion horn calls that erupt in Tyr, as if Heimdall himself were blowing the Gjallarhorn, Ragnarok is both a distant echo of our collective pre-Christian Heathen ancestry and a vision of times to come - perhaps of Ragnarok's destructive battles. This album is a hair-raising journey meant to be played at very loud volumes.

  • Retired and Loving It - Reduced total by one digit!

    The product installed all the updates. After entering the information, my refund looked enormous. I rechecked my entries and they were accurate. Then I noticed that only 10 percent of my income was in the total income line. I could do nothing!