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  • David H. Propper, CPA - I get this every tax season

    This is the best book for 1040's - it's very straight-forward. And I'm a CPA - I do this for a living. The other source for straight-forward guidance is the IRS forms and publications - but this book puts it all in one handy place.

  • shoof - The Absolute Best Security Product on the Market

    I have used Webroot for a few years now and, in my opinion, it puts all the other products I've used to shame, including Norton and McAfee. This suite is super light--nothing to clog up the hard drive. No updates to worry about. Since changes to the program are performed "through the cloud", Webroot is ALWAYS up to date. Can scan the entire system lightning quick. Stops assorted trash in its tracks. Put simply, it is a product that does everything it promises. I just don't concern myself with glitches, bugs, near crashes

  • Joe and Clare - Bluetooth works great. Noise isolation bad.

    I lost a pair of $200 Bose QC20's on the train, so I didn't want to get burned again for something so easy to misplace. I thought I'd give the TaoTronics a try. On the good side, the bluetooth connection worked really well with my Nexus 6P. It connected easily and reliably. Once you got to know the beep system for turning the device off, it was easy to operate. And the earpieces fit pretty well. On the down side, the isolation on these was really bad. There is no noise cancelling for music. From what I can tell in my research, the noise cancelling is only effective for telephone calls. It also seemed that the noise cancelling on the TaoTronics was not compatible with the noise cancelling feature on my Nexus 6P. The wife caught a loud screech from the train turnstile tone when I was talking to her, so your mileage may vary. The earpieces didn't fit well enough to block any sound, really. So bottom line, I could have picked up something of similar audio quality at a CVS for $10. However, the bluetooth is nicely implemented and if that's of more importance for you, these might do you really well. But I'm looking for better isolation than this.

  • Luis Cypher - Great Diet Supplement

    The B4 Fat Burner pills really work. They give a good boost of energy before a workout. This product does have caffeine and other ingredients that make you more alert so don't take it after 5 pm or you will be up until 2 am. Especially if you just started taking them and your body has not built up any tolerance yet.


    I love this glue and it's way better than the gorilla glue. I like that this glue bonds with anything and doesn't swell-up like the gorilla glue. The other thing also is that the cap NEVER gets clogged and can all be used.

  • steve0848 - Great

    I've worked outdoors in heavy construction since 1972 and I know how to prepare for outside work whether for high or low temperatures. I've had other catalytic handwarmers that worked well and this also worked well. If you dress warmly and add this to your cold weather gear it will be a definite plus to your collection. Don't expect miracles but be prepared for a very pleasant surprise if you light one of these up in the morning and have to stay outside 'till the end of your workday. I highly recommend it.