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  • Joseph B. - Great fit for my 2009 Tacoma front mud guards - I would recommend these to a friend

    These front mud guards were delivered early. They fit my Toyota Tacoma 2009 good and were a bit shorter than the stock mud guards, and I think the shorter length is better. I lost my right side guard due to off road travel in the snow. I replaced both to match and all of the stock screws fit. For my year Tacoma there are three screws and three plastic circular clips. The screws were still intact; the clips were gone. I knocked off a 'star' for two reasons: I had to add the third hole (drill) for the middle clip; and the included hardware (three screws with metal clips) was not useful for the 2009 Tacoma. I went to a Toyota dealer and bought the plastic clips for about $1.20 each.

  • hiiixox3 - Definitely love this product!

    This is the first tinted moisturizer I have ever tried. I am a fan of Aveeno and their products. I do have problematic and sensitive skin (I can't even use some facial sunscreens because they're so harsh on my skin). Personally, I use mineral makeup for cover up and really can't use liquid foundation. This product, however, gave me what I was looking for: cover, with sun protection, and doesn't initiate an allergic reaction. The other great things about this product is that the pump provides the right amount, it smells better than regular sunscreen, and the bottle is small enough to put in a carry on (I travel a lot and this meets the carry on specification).

  • Andrew Rayburn - I'd give it five stars but there is a constant ...

    I'd give it five stars but there is a constant looming threat that the game will expect you to dance to What Does The Fox Say.

  • 2the19thT - Kindle Version Messed Up

    Just received (Oct 17 2016) the Kindle version for my Android tablet last night, so I haven't read much of it. I'm excited to dive deeper into Jason Fung's work after watching some of his video presentations. I will report back after I completely read the book but I wanted to get an initial review up early as I want to alert potential Kindle purchasers of the quirky Kindle version. Periodically, throughout the book there will be bold text indicating a Fasting Super Star (maybe not those exact words I don't have the Kindle book in front of me while I'm writing this review), like Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, etc... It looks like there is going to be some information about them but there's nothing, just a continuation of the particular subject being written about at that point. But then, while perusing other sections in the Kindle book I came upon a section where all those Fasting Super Stars appear, with their pictures. I don't know what the problem is but so far it looks like the complete Kindle book is there, it is just sort of jumbled.

  • David Schulpius - Wow, Simple and it works. I had green ...

    Wow, Simple and it works. I had green mold stains on top of my canvas tent over my deck. They have been there since last year. I sprayed this stuff on and the next day they were gone! Yesterday I sprayed down an indoor-outdoor burber carpet I have on the same deck that has lots of mold stains on it. Today there is a little improvement but I imagine this application will take longer due to the mold stains being imbedded in carpet fibers and not thin canvas. The directions do say it can take 6 to 12 months before all stains are gone. It also says it can be applied every 4 weeks as needed.

  • birdlover - Awesome for fast, uniformly sliced produce

    I bought this slicer to make thin cuts in foods like tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, and potatoes. I'm extremely satisfied with the Kobra's performance. I use a Microplane glove along with the guard and as long as you are careful, you can avoid slicing a finger by mistake. The blade is extremely sharp and the unit rinses easily. I look forward to some wonderful veggie gratins with a much faster prep time.

  • Amazon Customer - Epic Fail

    Used it last night on my 3 cats. Followed directions - lathered well, let it sit on them for 5mins, washed thoroughly... 18 hours later, they are still scratching from fleas. I used a flea comb before and after, and again an hour ago.