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  • George - After some problem understanding what was going on and help ...

    After some problem understanding what was going on and help form the shipper. It is working. It is more advanced than last Magix program but dfI hope to get use to it soon.

  • gwenna dews - I have nothing bad to say about this serum

    I have nothing bad to say about this serum. Its super light and I would guess work perfect on sensitive skin. Almost as light as water and leaves your skin feeling smooth and even, Goes well under a cream to lock in moisture. I would tell anyone about this product extra for those who don't like heavy or strong. I have to say that the bottle is beautiful the most pretty bottle I have seen ever. I will keep it just for looking at when its empty. I paid almost nothing to try it out how great is that.

  • Charlie - Quick books manual

    I'm sure this has a source of information if I bother to open the book. Bought it so I could get organized. I'm still waiting on me. Did glop through it and believe even a dummie could figure this out

  • James Young - Great VR,very comfortable,and works great!

    The headset looks fantastic and it fits my Note 5. Also,it very comfortable to wear. No QR code, but you can easily download the app from google. There are many VR apps available for free and paired with this headset. I'm very impressed with these glasses highly recommend it.

  • John Hong - Just Dance Interface changed

    I was very happy with the interface shown in Just Dance 2013 and Just Dance Greatest Hits. The new interface is a bit more complex and harder to use for people with disability. It is so much more difficult that my brother will not play with it and prefers the older Just Dance games. He did like the new songs, and dance graphics, but it all comes back to the ease of choosing the songs.

  • S. Rosen - No more Check Engine light!

    We had a check engine light on in our Subaru Outback and the diagnosis was a catalytic converter that needed replaced. We tried this as an inexpensive alternative and were pleasantly surprised that the light went off and has stayed off for several hundred miles thus far.

  • Review and preview - Results after one week

    I am of north African descent and am acne prone in my back and also butt region... Working out and sweating also didn't help.. I used this scar cream for a week in conjunction with my "humane" body wash after reading a bunch of reviews... Literally one week I noticed results.. The scarring has faded so much that it's not really bothersome and it has helped fade dark spots that have been on my back and butt for months.. the product is really small.. That being said a little pump goes a long way but the consistency is quite liquidy so you may pump out more than you need. The smell is soothing .. Idk kinda like chamomile and lavender. I would recommend this for fading acne scarring/hyperpigmentation on the body.. For the face I use Retin-A which seems to be more effective .. This product takes a bit longer for my skin type for hyper-pigmentation on the face.