| - Muscle tension is a frequent problem affecting all people around the world. It is no wonder that many are on the search the for the solution to both long and

  • How to Relieve Burning Muscles | - A burning sensation in your muscle can be the result of various factors, and it is important to diagnose the specific cause to properly treat the condition. In
  • Is It Normal to Feel Sore After a Massage? | - Massage is a very old type of therapeutic treatment involving applied physical force that has been used in various cultures for centuries. People all over the
  • Common Causes of Nausea with Body Aches | - Body aches and nausea are symptoms that usually accompany viral infections. Most frequently, they are the result of a gastrointestinal bacterial infection.
  • Connection Between Chest Pain and Arm Pain | - If you are suffering from arm and chest pain simultaneously, the cause of it may potentially be serious, and medical attention may be needed. The most likely
  • 5 Bodyweight Exercises for Women that Tone the Lower Back | - To begin, I have to preface this by saying that not all of the exercises I will be covering may be suitable for everyone. It is always important to remember
  • Causes of Muscle Stiffness | - Stiff muscles begin to appear when the muscles in the body tighten up and become tense. You can experience muscle stiffness due to a variety of reasons. The
  • Causes of Jaw Pain | - Various medical problems can lead to jaw pain. This pain is typically categorized as primary pain, meaning that the pain is due to problems with the jaw itself.
  • Why Do Muscles Get Sore? | - Almost everyone who has ever performed any rigorous physical activity knows that muscles will get sore if they are worked beyond their normal everyday activity.
  • Primary Causes of Back Pain | - It is prudent to know that back pain is merely a symptom of a bigger problem, not the main problem itself. For example, back pain can be commonly caused during
  • How to Treat a Pulled Shoulder Muscle | - Though nothing can be done to speed up the healing process of a pulled muscle (that depends entirely on your body), there are many ways to treat the injury at
  • Causes of Upper Back pain | - Upper back pain usually starts with an irritation that affects the muscles along the upper section of one’s spine and back. There are many factors that can
  • Causes of Back Pain and Muscle Spasms | - When one's back muscles are contorted in unusual positions, twisted, or suddenly strained, muscles spasms may result. Experiencing tightness in the back muscles
  • 5 Easy Exercises to Treat Shoulder Impingements | - Below are five exercises you can take advantage of that may be able to solve your shoulder impingement problem. Be aware that while performing these exercises,
  • Causes of Groin Aches | - Similar to other muscle aches, a groin ache can occur by simply overusing or straining the muscles in the groin. In rare cases, pain may be present due to a

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  • muelsan - This has helped relieve my menopause symptoms.

    Ever since my hysterectomy, which threw me immediately into menopause, I have had problems with hot flashes, not sleeping correctly, night sweats and mood swings. I tried taking hormone replacement therapy, but they only made me feel worse, so I decided to try something natural.

  • Shirish Shevade - I bought this bundled product with the assumption that I ...

    I bought this bundled product with the assumption that I will be able to operate the product online as well as from desktop and it will sync on it own. I have spent lot of time with Customer Support and nobody has been able to answer me if this is possible and if not possible, whats the reason to sell a bundled product? No one want to do a double entry to try out online edition and maintain desktop version.

  • Jennifer DeVon Roe - Disappointed

    I bought this after reading all the positive reviews in mid January. I am fair skinned with brown hair.