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  • Amazon Customer - ... for a few days it works well and I like it, it seems to decrease my under eye ...

    So far I have been testing this product for a few days it works well and I like it,it seems to decrease my under eye puffiness for sure however I still think I need more time with it to give a full review so for now I will leave this and update this review in a few weeks! ''I purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review''

  • Dwight Thousand - This is the worst excuse for tax software I have ever used (and ...

    This is the worst excuse for tax software I have ever used (and I have used computer based filing for +20years). I have been unable to register the product and I have been unable to import from 2013 (yes, it is PDF). Their online support is abominable, almost as if it is designed to be unfriendly, so that it is impossible to contact them. This product is not eligible for refund so I will chalk it up to a lesson learned. Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware!

  • Collin Suttles - Pump it up!!

    I own a bar and we use these to save our wines that we serve. When using this product, you wine bottle will easily stay fresh for three times longer than normal. Works with any bottle of wine, even champagne bottles. Also works on beer bottles which is awesome!! Very easy to pump bottles and it works great. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that I have to buy a new one of these every 6 months of so for the bar, which is not a huge deal because of the price but is fairly annoying none the less. Over time, it just seems to give out for some reason and will no longer pump air out of the bottle. That being said, I think for home use this product would last at least several years if used regularly and probably a lifetime if used occasionally. I would recommend this to anyone who drinks beer or wine!

  • Sasquatch - We love ours

    Okay we bought the 15 footer about a year and a half ago. Since we put this up we have an almost constant stream of kids from the neighborhood in our yard. When we set it up again this spring we had 6-10 kids waiting in line to get on, I usually only let 3 kids on at a time. It is fairly easy to setup and take down. The safety net doesn't let anyone fall off. Some of my kids are doing front and back flips on it. We've found it to be a great way to get them out of the house and off the video games. The green mat that covers the springs has started to tear right in front of the door, with the amount of traffic it sees it's done remarkably well. I have mine anchored to the ground with corkscrew dog stakes to make sure it won't take flight in high winds like our friend's trampoline did.

  • Palm Coast - international cricket 2010


  • Basia - Super Kardashian Rejuvicare Liquid Collagen Formula Grape

    After one month of using it my skin became younger and healthier. Strongly recommend it. This is an excellent product and great service. I got the product before estimated time and well protected.

  • Richard L. Rankin - Problems, but doing OK

    Problems with NVidia GTX7** based video cards, had to add second power supply. If you can get your 2400 RAM to run at 2400, tell me how. Works great otherwise - using 3930K 2x240 GB SSDs and 2 1-TB Velociraptors on RAID card + 240 GB SSD boot. I use for data analysis and it just screams.