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  • S. Boggia - Cleans even the stinkiest dog!

    My dog has demodectic mange as well as a condition that causes serious overproduction of oil in the hair follicles. As you might imagine, these two conditions can really reek havoc on the poor dog. Her fur used to be greasy, waxy, clumpy, and absolutely awful smelling. Keratolux fixed it all!

  • JERRI LYNN SCOTT - Long lush lashes

    I already have long lashes but this serum is only going to help them. I think the longer and fuller your eyelashes are the prettier they are. I have only been using this for a few days but can already tell they are softer which should help them grow. After I use this for the recommended time if there is a problem with it I will come back to edit my review. Until then happy growing!!!!

  • John - Report formatting and book creation problems

    I have been using Family Tree Maker software for about 20 years, and would always have rated it 5 stars. I have thousands of names in my tree, and even put together my results into a book which was about 200 pages long and contained a huge amount of work from those years of research. I have always upgraded to the latest version of FTM soon after it came out so I could continue to be able to exchange data with other researchers. (I never upload my material to Ancestry, and don't want those headaches.) In the past, upgrades of software have been almost trivial. They tend to have a little different "touch and feel", but they have always faithfully brought my data and my book into the same form as it was, but in the new software.

  • Jan Gunter - The diet will help you lose weight

    This does seem like Atkins Redux, but I think it is worth a look if you want to lose belly fat. At first I was really turned off by the lack of fruit in the plan, but on further review I'm coming to see fruit as the treat that it is. It's just that we have produce in abundance without regard for seasons because we can get fruits and vegetables from the far corners of the world. Since I believe in seasonal and local eating, this makes good sense. What fruits would I be able to get in the winter if I were growing them myself? Hmmm...... Not many.