NAMI Mercer, NJ -- Welcome - NAMI Mercer is the Mercer County, NJ affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It provides support and resources for families with mental illness, and advocates for their needs.

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  • Lucie - Improved my pumping volume at work

    I've had great results with these. I was making a surplus of milk, but when Baby started sleeping through the night at 5mo, my supply decreased over the next few weeks (only based on what I pump at work). When it got to the point where I was pumping at work the exact amount I needed for the next day of day care, I started taking More Milk Plus. Now I'm pumping 2 ounces extra each day of work (nursing is still the same and has never been a problem). Definitely worth the peace of mind to me! I take as directed - 4/day.

  • Mel DePaoli - Always have good coffee on hand!

    I have always traveled with my own coffee--yes I am a coffee snob! This makes it easy for me to travel with high quality coffee without having to travel with the equipment to make it as well. I make it as more of a shot than I do following the instructions because I like my coffee strong. I highly recommend this. It is now a staple in my house and is always in my suitcase!

  • Vanessa Richardson - Great quality stockings!

    I absolutely love these stockings! My family has 5 members, so this set was perfect. I let my 3 kiddos pick out their own stockings a couple years ago, but they are all very different in appearance as well as size and so I wanted to get some that look great hanging together---and these do! The quality of the material is very nice and they are very well made. I couldn't be happier!! I can't wait to hang them up at Christmas. I highly recommend these!

  • R. Letz - Light Relief Light Therapy

    My wife has rhumatoid arthritis, and finds that the Light Relief Light Therapy really does give her relief from the pain in her wrists, face, hips, back and other areas where she encounters arthritis pain. She is more than pleased with this unit. One caution would be to be careful when using the unit with the heat mode. It can cause a burn to the skin, which was one of the warnings in the user guide.

  • TheBigOldDog - Don't buy it util you need it. Has a short shelf life.

    Complete was of money. Didn't even get to try it. Had no chance to even try as it all went bad before I could use it. Every single packet was a crumbly mess. I didn't know there was such a short shelf life. Assumed it would be just like any other epoxy type putty and if unopened would have a long shelf life. I was wrong. I'll stick with epoxy putty like JB Plastic Weld which is what I used instead.

  • Nicole - ohdeargod

    Oh dear god its true. I didnt think any of it was true..... worst. Mistake. Ever. The gut wretching pain went on for hours before the gas. Then the gas.... smelled sooooooooooo bad! It wasnt until 6 hours after a 2 handful consumption did I get some release. However it didnt stop there.... I went baxk to bed only to hear the same rumblings coming from my stomach andthe gasstarted up again. My dog left the room. MY DOG. Rest is still in progress... todbe continued