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  • Fawn - Love it!

    I've had this for a week and I really like it. I live with 4 other people and there can be a lot of hair going down the drain. We weren't having an issue with the tub backing up but I thought if I didn't get something soon we might. I saw an ad on Facebook and it looked pretty cool. I've not had the best of luck with the other stick on hair catchers in the past so I thought this might be good. It works amazing! It looks like it's catching everything and not letting one single hair down the drain. I really like this, but if you don't clean it often the hair off water will start to back up into the tub.

  • Mark Tatro - Disappointed

    I bought this book for one of my students and was very disappointed when it arrived. In fact, I used it as an example for all of my students to know what you are buying. It wouldn't have mattered so much that it was in black and white if they had retained the original size. All in all a big rip off!

  • Daniel Limbach - Never Gets Old

    When you compile the list of the 10 albums you would want if you were stranded on a desert island, this one might possibly get the most votes. Not only is it one of the all-time greats, but it is a double album, which has to factor into it.

  • Kim Michelson - The routine isn't that easy to follow

    I have taken Cardio kickboxing classes and this instructor jumps around to fast and too much. The routine isn't that easy to follow. I felt like I was watching a jumping bean.

  • pilates lover - A mixed bag UPDATED

    I had high hopes for Wet and Forget for my vinyl siding (and still hoping) but it's been a mixed bag. It has after a few weeks and a few rain storms, lessened dirt and green mold/algae in certain areas and sections of the siding are clean but other areas are not. It might still go on working into the Fall but I did reapply to more heavily soiled areas and made the concentration a little bit stronger this time.