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  • Lisa Cash - Classics!

    The book I ordered was used but was in great condition... I love these fairy tales. They arent for kids though if you're a "hug it out, time out" parent. These have real morals and they are kinda blunt and more like horror stories for kids @ times. They are good and my 9yr old niece loves them! It's probably the only book I've seen her read. Buy this, for adults or kids, but buy this book!

  • Megan Cabral - Affresh is Amazing!

    I have a two year old Samsung High Efficiency Washing Machine. I love it!! However, after about 6 months, my laundry began to smell horrible, especially the towels!! I've since learned that this smell is a common problem with HE machines, but at the time I didn't know what was causing the problem, nor did I know how to fix it. I changed my detergent and fabric softener, but the odor remained. This odor caused so much angst. I couldn't do laundry without feeling extreme frustration. I even began to smell traces on my clothes and my kids' clothes when we were out and I cringed at the thought that others could smell it too! I honestly cried one day because I thought that I would never be rid of this smell. I called Samsung and they suggested a washing machine cleaner "like Affresh or Tide." I bought Tide Washing Machine Cleaner and it made it WORSE!!! I had the same odor, but now it smelled like I tried to mask it with a ton of perfume! I went online and read some reviews of Tide that said the same thing. (Wish I had read them sooner!) I posted a desperate facebook message asking my friends if anyone has the same problem with their machine. A friend said, "use Affresh" so I gave it a shot. Affresh has literally changed my life! It worked perfectly! I followed the directions on the package (my stink was so bad that I had to use 3 doses to get rid of it) and the odor was gone--COMPLETELY! I've used it once a month since June and the odor hasn't come back! This is an awesome product! Honestly, if I hadn't found Affresh I probably would've traded in my washer for a new one. I'm so thankful for this product! I can once again do my laundry, wear my clothes and especially wrap myself in a towel without that disgusting odor following me everywhere! Thanks Affresh!!