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  • Lee Stoetzel - Informative and funny, Ronson clearly did the research and exposes the absurdity of the Trump campaign and some of the reasons f

    Informative and funny, Ronson clearly did the research and exposes the absurdity of the Trump campaign and some of the reasons for the polarity we are seeing in the US today

  • threestorms - sylvania review

    The product came swiftly and was in perfect working order. The only complaint is that it can be difficult to scroll through the list if you have to many songs or book chapter loaded on.

  • Shondi - Thank God for Rogaine!

    I dyed my hair 2 months ago (with the same dye I always use) and after washing, I noticed that my hair was EXTREMELY thinner. And yes there was a LOT of shedding. I am 44 years old and have ALWAYS had lots of shedding over the years (which I now believe has been due to permanent dye) but NEVER like this. 2 months later, or rather last week, I decided to purchase Rogaine, but I used he Men's 5% version,and after 1 week of use, the shedding decreased by 80%!!!!!!! I simply CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!! I was growing out my natural hair for the third time (I am African American and have had a relaxer since age 12. Then shaved all the perm out at age 39 to become 'Natural'). The previous 2 times it reached the back of my neck then I dyed it colors I did not like and would shave it off and start ALL OVER. And I just did that again yesterday except this time the hairdresser refused to shave it and left me about 2 inches all over. I had to agree with that since I have always walked in on impulse and demand that my hair be shaved off, and I'm talking Rapunzel length hair. I am SSSOOOOO excited about Rogaine. I feel like I will be able to see my hair's full potential since I will never ever use permanent dye nor a relaxer again. I am glad that I used it before I got my hair cut so that I could witness the decreased shedding! Otherwise, it wouldn't have gotten 4 stars after just one week of use. I have just ordered Lipogaine since those reviews state that it works better than just Rogaine alone. I will most certainly keep you posted over the next 100 years because if it keeps working, then that's how long I'll be using it!!

  • Spencer D. Hawkins - Unrealistic Practice Tests

    The information was well organized, but there was often to much unnecessary detail for someone who is familiar with most of the concepts already. Often after presenting these detailed passages, they would provide an MCAT synopsis. Well, if the information could already be presented as an "MCAT Synopsis" then there was no reason for the detail in the first place.

  • Andres Serrano Garcia - Great great CPU Cooler

    I need to change mine, since the one who comes with my Intel i7 Processor broke after a bad manipulation by me.

  • Dizzy Garfield - Your one year of free McAfee virus protection has expired? Buy this! Works well on a laptop running Windows 10!

    I don't know anything about computers or how well this software may be working -- but it was easy to purchase and download and no viruses or adverse effects so far. Why would you drive to the store and buy a disc or even order a disc in the mail? You wouldn't. Download it and be done with it. You don't even have to get dressed. Yep, that's how you and I roll; we're smarter than those people wearing clothes and standing in line at Best Buy. Poor, poor Best Buy. We installed it on a Toshiba laptop running Windows 10.

  • Brian B - Worth every bit for CAD machines

    Our office got undersized UPS' and computers were crashing and overheating because they were starved for the power they required using cad. I bought this and took it to work and have had no problems whatsoever. You do not need to install software either and can set it up on the UPS itself with the manual as guidance. I love it and can keep my devices charged easily with the available 2.1 amp USB ports.