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  • Amazon Customer - All Star Sleeve Patch

    Perfect on my Paul Konerko and Chris Sale White Sox All-Star player jerseys (left sleeve) -- covered hard plastic back with light fabric square, heated for 2min on Cotton setting, peeled off hard plastic while hot, stuck on jersey while still warm, then sewed in place after cooled.

  • Tammie - The best!

    I have two of these now. Used one for years at home and just bought another one for work. I have a tendency to push down with the heel of my hand when mousing, this then translates to elbow and arm issues. This pad takes that all away! Buy it. You will like it.

  • Ashley R. - Refreshing

    My cheeks are starting to get more sensitive and I wanted a product to calm that down. I've only been using this a couple months..not sure it is helping, but I think it may be starting to...will give it more time. It definitely has not dried me up or broken me out at all, love the light fresh scent...I use it throughout the day just for a quick pick me up! Still have at least half the bottle left which is impressive to me considering how much I use it!

  • Jeffrey G. Boldt - Simple to use and great product

    This worked great. Easy to understand. A good friend recommended it. My motorcycle still didn't start this spring, but I know it wasn't a battery problem because it kicked over like crazy!

  • AsatruMom - These are fun shoes, though they are not for everyday wear.

    These are fun shoes, though they are not for everyday wear. I went with a black pair because they are a bit more subdued and I can surprise people with them when I turn them one Silver and gold ones are a bit more in your face, I'm not really a pink person and I just don't do white. I haven't had any problems with my shoes but I do see that others have had some, perhaps it's because I only wear mine on special occasions. I wear a seven and a half so that's what I ordered and they fit me well which is a nice change, y I have to order a half size up because sellers only sell in whole sizes. Over all a fun set of dance shoes. They are fun and a lot more comfortable than heels.