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  • BrooklynReader - A Treat to Read

    RBG fans will devour this in a weekend. A surprising mix of Supreme Court writings, historical insights and personal recollections. I expected to learn more about Justice Ginsburg's pioneering work advocating for women's legal rights - and I did. But the unexpected entries in this collection were my favorites, like RBG's fascinating analysis of Supreme Court wives and a moving tribute from her husband Marty. Brooklynites will especially enjoy the wise-beyond-her-years essay she wrote while attending PS 238 and the entry from the East Midwood Bulletin.

  • Amazon Customer - Great group & great song

    Love this song. It's got a great guitar part and excellent harmony. These guys don't get the credit they deserve for as great as they were.

  • Jenyshopechest - Good Movie

    Amazing graphics...Highly action packed...Great actors & actresses...two thumbs up...Quality picture & clarity. ..Good Price for this great movie. There was so much detail in this movie..Couldn't take your eyes off for a second

  • Amy Evers - Craved something better then jerky and GOT IT!

    From a former vegetarian, who experienced extreme cravings for beef jerky during pregnancy, I wished for a beef jerky product that wasn't full of crap ingredients, fake taste, or an inflated price for a subpar product... Brooklyn Biltong fits the bill! It isn't greasy, it doesn't upset your stomach, honest ingredients, and far from subpar. My pregnancy cravings have been sufficiently met! Give it a taste, you'll be pleased!

  • Wellesley James - Earthing is amazing. One feels wonderful when doing it

    Earthing is amazing. One feels wonderful when doing it. This book just confirmed what I already instinctively knew. That the earth and trees and natural things have energy and when you are in touch with them, the energy gets transferred to you.

  • Irene Morales Ward -'ll never go back to traditional makeup!

    This system is so incredibly easy. You may be intimidated when you set it up but spend a little time in your makeup chair experimenting and before you know it, it will be second nature. I quickly learned little "tricks" to customize my makeup application for my skin and it was flawless - on my FIRST try! I'm not a makeup artist and have mature skin so I studied up on the online videos on Dinair's website and also went on YouTube to watch others apply. You need so very little makeup it almost seems inconceivable but it absolutely works. When I came down my husband kept using the word "smooth". He said it didn't look like I had makeup on at all but I had complete coverage. Lasted all day long, too! Be patient and experiment - it's perfect!

  • Amazon Customer - This power bank was great on a long trip with several flights and layovers

    This power bank was great on a long trip with several flights and layovers. My only complaint is that it takes forever to fully charge. After charged though, it will charge my phone or IPad more than once so that worked really well.