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  • Danielle - Yum!

    Second time I've bought these, and will continue to purchase. They're DELICIOUS, which means I'll actually take them instead of letting the bottle collect dust on the shelf! I'm in the medical profession, and like knowing that I'm supplementing with a bit of Vit C + Zinc, especially in the wintertime. The echinacea is take-it-or-leave-it in my opinion, but nothing else that I tried with C + Zinc tasted nearly this good, so I just go with it. I've had house guests recently, and I think they must've discovered these, because they're disappearing even more quickly than usual these days... :)

  • Bill S. - good product,

    Good product, just seems a little expensive. Don't understand why, but profit margins and what customer will pay dictate the end price.

  • Stewie - Manufacturing defect makes unit unusable without modification. Documentation does not match posted specifications.

    I was really looking forward to using this to swap out a PWM controller but when I got around to attaching the wiring, I discovered problems. If you look at the product photo for this or any similar charge controller, there are 6 access holes/locations at the bottom of the front of the unit that expose the screw down terminal blocks for wiring it up:

  • Barbara - Reference

    I am a personal trainer and I really like this book and will keep it as a reference. I have lots of highlights.

  • Conanton - not what expected

    after just about a month of taking this I do not see any change. No weight change, no loss of bloatiness. i guess i should've known better; there is no miracle weight loss product other than exercising and eating right

  • Team Nugget - Your favorite pods may not work. System is "protected"

    They took a potentially killer machine and added horrible DRM - a rights management system, in the greedy attempt to get all other coffee pod manufacturers to pay them so their pods work. If they don't pay, that's right, their pods don't work. Don't buy this and protest to the company or buy another manufacturers system.