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  • ajbh329 - taking the info, and making it my own

    I ordered this book after hearing how a friend lost alot of weight following this plan. I have read the book and adjusted it to my life. I don't want a diet that is too strict... if it is, I will not stick to it. I don't want a diet that is too difficult to keep up with... If it is, I will not keep up with it. For the past 7 days I have been keeping my carbs per day under 120 grams and my sugar under 15 grams. As of this morning I had lost 5.5 lbs. I know this is not how Jorge wanted the diet to be done; he wanted to count carb servings. This just seemed easier to me. 6 20 gram servings is still 120 carbs. I am eating Ribeye's, mashed potatoes, salads with ranch, and LOVING IT!! My husband just said that this is the first "diet" i Have been on and NOT be GRUMPY!!! I need to lose about 25 lbs and I will stick with this until I do. I really think this is a life changing approach for me!! I needed something to guide me and this was just the thing. I know there will be occasions when I will eat a piece of birthday cake or my grandma's homemade german chocolate cake, but I know this will always be there for me to fall back into at the next meal.

  • Miild Mannered Mick - This is just as good as the earlier ones

    Dilbert is something I don't get tired of. This is just as good as the earlier ones, it makes me laugh. Glad I am retired and away from it.... the disfunction that is.

  • Laude - After a month, disappointed

    When I first received this product I thought it was great. Over time, it got clogged. I called customer service and they were less than happy to help. We went through troubleshooting, and determined that it needed to go in for a tune up. The nearest approved repair service was not close to where I lived. So, now it has very little suction and the steam does not help with hard wood floors. Rather than take it in somewhere closer and pay for the cost, I am looking for a different brand.

  • Lisa Luck - Norwex products/ Enviro cloths

    I have used these products and I have been more than happy. I clean and use them in my work so I have to have something that is good. So I think you should use them before you say they are not good. I love them.

  • Amit Kumar Mishra - Very Bad Experience

    The Handle broke on the very first day during a regular play .. No hit on the ground or anywhere .. just during a shot, half of handle remained in my hand and rest of the part was hanging in the air .... I might be the exception who faced this problem but .. this is what is my experience with this product. :(