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  • Karolina - Condition as described

    This book arrived in the condition as described: still in shrinkwrap, with the cd, and totally new. I had to buy it for my school. It puts me to sleep when I start to read it, but I have no interest in computer details. I know how to use it and that's enough for me. But it is a great read for someone who is really interested in computers.

  • Bubba nuts - Get shock boots. Skyjacker fix your picture or add to your kit.

    Skyjacker, if you show a picture of your kit and it has boots give the end user boots with the purchase. I read reviews but even on the box that the kit comes in shows boots.

  • Denise Woods - Essential, Elegant and Easy to Access

    If you are a new or seasoned manager(supervisor, etc.) this could be a required handbook for you. Unlike trucks which beep as they back up, warning you that there coming your way and a crash may be imminent, most human resource issues come out of the blue. In addition, to further complicate things many times there may be a time crunch creating a sense of urgency and a need for an answer now. In situations like this, The Essential HR Handbook is incredibly useful as the information is concise, relevant and easy to access. Finally, for those times when your human resource classes seem almost like a figment of your imagination, this book can provide the information to make your day flow without any "beeping" along the way. Denise Woods

  • Barbara Steffensen - Doesn't seem to work

    I bought this because it said it'll bring your veneers back to how they were when new. Well, it doesn't. Been using the toothpaste and accelerator for about 3 weeks and absoltely nothing has happened. They're just white but nothing like when I first had them done.....

  • wishful - Dull

    To say it was "awful" would not be correct. It was readable. The entire first half of the book (almost) felt like I should have read the Ujal series first. It was difficult placing all the names and characters. The rest of the book was about healing the hero's wounds and then a slight battle and then one sex scene and then the end.

  • Asia Muhammad - especially while im watching a good movie. bottom line

    They most definately should put a warning lable on this! if you drink too much it'll make you have to pee! what a nuisance! especially while im watching a good movie. bottom line: warning label that says drinking too much will cause you to pee