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  • Best NYC Cosmetic Dentistry | Best Cosmetic Dentist in New York - We offer high-end NYC Cosmetic Dentistry with our team of 16 dentists, specialists and ceramists in one office. Fast and comfortable.
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  • NY Dental Team | Best New York Dentist Team - The Center for Special Dentistry is a large team of New York dentists, specialists and lab techs who offer Creative Solutions for Complex Dentistry.
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  • Best NYC Dental Implants | Dental Implants New York - We offer high-end NYC Dental Implants with our team of 16 dentists, oral surgeons, specialists and porcelain techs in one office. Fast and comfortable.
  • Best NYC Braces Orthodontics | New York Orthodontist for Adults - An Orthodontist offers Cosmetic Adult NYC Braces Orthodontics with Fixed or Removable (e.g. Invisalign) in our midtown NY multi-specialty group.
  • NYC Root Canal for Tooth Pain | Best Endodontist in New York - We offer NYC Root Canal tooth pain treatment with Endodontists, Root Canal Specialists, and a complete multi-specialty team. We are quick and comfortable.
  • Best NYC Periodontist | NYC Gum Disease Treatment in New York - Our periodontist offers conservative, non-surgical NYC Gum Disease Treatment. Microbiology cultures treat breath, swollen bleeding gums and infection.
  • Best NYC General Dentistry | Best Cleaning and Exam in New York - The Center for Special Dentistry offers unique NYC General Dentistry even for seemingly simple teeth cleanings and checkups. Prevention starts now!
  • Best NYC Smile Makeover | Smile Makeover New York - Our group offers NYC Smile Makeover (Oral Rehabilitation) for people who are seeking the finest in high-end Manhattan dental reconstruction.
  • NYC Dental Phobia Management | Dental Fear Help New York NY - Our large team of dentists, specialists and anesthesiologists offer highly personal and comfortable cosmetic dentistry and NYC Dental Phobia Management.
  • Dr Jeffrey Dorfman Cosmetic Dentist | Best NY dentist - Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman Cosmetic Dentist is the Director of The Center for Special Dentistry┬« in NYC. He is a former professor at both Columbia and NYU.
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