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  • Michael Bettencourt - DO NOT BUY! WASTE OF MONEY!

    I bought this and it's not like the ad you see on tv. The ad says as soon as you remove the pan the top is cool to the touch...LIES! I returned mine. Unfortunately I was a victim of the Target breach and had to get a new debit card. When I called them to check on the refund I told the person I had returned mine which she transferred me to the corporate office. I told that woman why I was calling and when I gave her my new card info she said the payment was processed and the next payment would go through next month. I asked her why? She said I was sent 2 ovens and I told her no I only bought one...I did not get the 2nd one. This jas turned into a huge disaster. So, if you want to believes the lies in the ad and have them take your money then by all means go ahead and order it but remember you have been warned!

  • alison - Horrible

    I bought this toy for my daughter on September 15th for her birthday. I have it to her yesterday on October 24th and it doesn't work! So I look up the return policy and of course it's 30 days. Pretty upset right now.