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  • Winnie Magill - ... am the dog mom of 3 dogs and I like to use quality products on their fur

    I am the dog mom of 3 dogs and I like to use quality products on their fur. My oldest dog has issues with dry skin and irritation that causes her to scratch or gnaw on herself constantly. I have tried multiple shampoo's on her to help her feel better, but it seems that everything I have tried hasn't given her much relief. I washed her with this shampoo and I noticed that she hasn't been scratching or gnawing on herself regularly. Her skin is starting to clear up in the areas where she was constantly chewing as well. We haven't had much trouble out of fleas this year, but there are a few that get on all three of my dogs. When I bathed them I noticed that the few fleas that were on them fell off in the water and they were dead. It's great to have a natural flea remover instead of having to wash them in a ton of chemical laced shampoo to get them off of them.

  • Icequeen - Love this stuff

    Love this stuff. When taken appropriately and drinking lots of water, it works great. It is meant to help with weight loss, gives you more energy. I would prefer the chewables over the big pills. I don't suggest putting it in your shake either, tend to be a bit strong. :)