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  • K. Balona - Fast drive, included Data Migration software didn't work

    I used this as an upgrade from my WD Caviar Blue 7200rpm drive. This is the first SSD drive I have ever installed/used, wow what a difference!

  • Daybreak - Dissapointed and Destroyed

    I used Print Master for years when it was a REAL top-notch program. My projects looked professional, and it was easy to manipulate the program. I have a new computer, and I decided to get the new Print Master to access my original projects. Not only can I NOT access those projects, I can NOT create ANYTHING near that quality with this fake program. Since I downloaded it, my computer has slowed down, and programs won't run properly. I tried to uninstall the program and I always get error- java.io. FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files\Print Master 2012\uninstall\.install4j\files.log ...Error56859.log. It is Impossible to get off my computer!! Not only did the program DISAPPOINT me; it has DESTROYED my computer! Beware!

  • Ms. B - I would recommend this bottle for those who are trying to lose ...

    I use this bottle everyday, and I carry it around with me because of the rubber grip on the side (very convenient). Also, the cap on the bottle locks to keep the fluids from spilling out. I would recommend this bottle for those who are trying to lose weight or into fitness.

  • Ellen from Waterville, ME - This product is better for someone who is doing a manicure for someone ...

    This product is better for someone who is doing a manicure for someone else rather than to oneself. While I was using it, I had to change hands and risk dinging my fresh manicure so the polish wouldn't spill. I had hoped to love this, but the price is exorbitant and I will probably return it. :(

  • Nancy Gunderson - Helpful!

    I was unaware of how useful this would become. I received this as a graduation present two weeks ago, and three days ago I was carrying it around downtown, trying to figure out what to do with it, when I was pulled into a dark ally and had a gun pointed at my head. Reacting on instinct, I swung whatever was in my hand at the attacker. That turned out to save my life. The first blow, with the back side of the knife, not only knocked the gun out of his hand but opened up nearly 30 of the attachments. My backswing turned out to be far more vicious. The police are still in awe that I managed to stab someone with a flashlight, screwdriver bit adapter,tweezers, 10mm Hex wrench, can opener, cigar cutter, and three different knives in one blow. The state coroner's report on my mugger is nearly eighteen pages long, and the police have still forgotten to arrest me. Thanks, 16999 Swiss Army Knife!

  • Erik Northern - very nice treadmill

    My wife loves this machine. Took me about an hour to piece it together. It feels very durable, and i dont believe it's all that loud. it's very easy to maintenance and adjust. I had shopped these for a while and was considering the Nordictrak as well. Really, i found there to be little comparison on how much better built the Sole machines were, but the nordictrack was always on same and the sole... well not so much. It's worth the extra money if you're serious about a quality treadmill.