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  • Berto - Does not disappoint

    The campaign is extremely short, but if you buy BF games for the campaign you're in the wrong train.

  • Grant H. - Kills black widows

    Finally something that gets rid of the black widows! The ones I could see when I sprayed died quickly and they still have not returned!

  • Irie - This Game Is Pure Garbage

    I wouldn't urinate on this game if it was on fire. The servers are so poorly done that you can no longer even save and load your games.

  • Amazon Customer - Pain Relief Without The Stench!

    I teceived a sample of LivRelief from PinchMe. I was really excited because I wanted to give it to my mom who has terrible back and knee pain. There are many days she can barely walk and spends a lot of time in constant pain. Few topical creams provide the level of relief she needs to get through her day. The sample arrived in two small, foil packaged that were eady to open and easy to dispense the cream from. First surprise is that it had a light, pleasant scent unlike other strong smelling creams shes used to using. She used the first packet on a day she had a lot of walking to do as a test for how affective it would be. She liked that it was non greasy and absorbed into the skin fairly quickly.. One of the things she noticed and appreciated is that there was no burning sensation as she's experienced with other topical creams. She felt it was rather fast acting and she did have a moderate amount of pain relief which she hasn't had in awhile without pain meds.

  • Jeanette Rousseau-taylor - Fun new features but songs are skipping

    I love the Community Dance feature. The one for Happy seems to be one created by the game-makers as an example, but it is still fun. I love the dancing cat. The one they posted after for another song seems like the real deal, showing you actual people playing the game and dancing in their living rooms and bedrooms. What a great addition!

  • Charles D. Treadway - Works Well and Cool!

    Very good replacement radiator, my vehicle stays around 165 degrees. Was easy to install, and everything matched up as it should.

  • Mystic Daizy - Wavy thick hair comb

    This comb has taken a front row seat. I love sandalwood combs. It is hard to find one with wide teeth and a handle. It came in a very nice gift style box. It also came with a muslin bag, but it doesn't quite fit in the bag. I have quite a few sandalwood combs in my collection. Different sizes, with different teeth gaps. This one is my new favorite. I have thick, long, wavy hair. Do you know what happens to waves when you try to brush them? The frizz out. Well knot anymore. (pun intended) With this comb I can pass it through my hair to detangle and my waves just spring right back up. The teeth are widely separated so it doesn't cause frizz. My last favorite comb had wide teeth, not as wide as this one, and no handle. That comb has taken a backseat because this one is better. The handle makes it easier to comb the hair. This comb is thick and sturdy and will probably last forever. It smells great as you brush you hair. I love Aromatic sandalwood. I definitely recommend this comb for people with thick, wavy or even curly hair.