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  • alexandra almonte - Tight

    When I saw all the video I thought it would fit two kids but my kids are tight like sardine space inside is really small for two kids

  • Coast Guard City CVX - Worth your $$

    Had a funny experience with another charger where the batteries wouldn't fit in the charging slot so sent that one back to get this one instead. WOW. Glad I did. This thing charges my C batteries in no time and gives me a great visual readout for where they are in the charging cycle. I'm happy!

  • TechnicalAnarchy - I'm very happy with it especially for the money

    So far this thing has made my dual core laptop much faster. I'm very happy with it especially for the money. I'm going to get the 240 gig soon for another. This was a find.

  • Dave - An elegant solution to a common problem

    Every once in a while a product comes along worth taking the time to share my experience. Why apple released the apple pro with the apple pencil without addressing how the pencil was not going to get lost is beyond me. Within two weeks I was out two pencils lost to who knows where. I then proceeded through the myriad of pencil alternatives that were cheaper and poor substitutes. The apple pencil is a superior product but unusable for absent-minded folks like me who are constantly on the run with my ipad in tow. I decided to reinvest in a third pencil but not before I found a way to safely keep my pencil. My search led me to this case and I am happy I did. The pencil snaps in place out of the way and yet is always visible and accessible. It is the perfect solution for me.

  • JWin - Awesome Bluetooth Headphones

    These are awesome! easy set up, and very high quality sound. Fo the money they are some of the best I have ever owned. I use them for working out and they stay in my ears and are very comfortable.