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  • dan swanson - Interesting and comprehensive analysis of the 2012 election.

    Balz does a very good job reviewing the critical primary and general election events and the presidential candidates' strengths and weaknesses. The book contains a number of good interviews with key players in the 2012 election and insightful analysis of the various candidates' campaigns and strategies. The most interesting parts of the book relate to Obama's strategy in the summer of 2012 to define Romney by spending tens of millions of dollars on television advertising, Obama's awful performance in the first debate with Romney and why Romney was so surprised that he lost the general election.

  • GuitarGuy310 - Wrong size for Note 4....

    Got this at a great deal because I needed a charger for my Note 4. It is advertised to charge a Note 7, so I figured it would charge my Note 4. Nope - wrong size. I'm sure it works great...if I could use it! I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. There you have it!

  • Richard Osborn - Incredible!

    Hard to believe, but true! I absolutely believe every word! I have always distrusted the Clintons. I wish they would just take a number and have a seat. Go away! This book is well written and I read it in two short days. I believe it to be 100% true written by a reliable author who backs up all he has written. I wish Donald Trump would tell the U.S. voters to read it. Yes, Hillary is a foul-mouthed, angry, self-centered and selfish woman who would walk over her grandmother to get to the White House.

  • M. Funderburk - Not sure

    Did not feel any different when using this. I definitely did not notice any difference in my hair maybe works best with something else.

  • Betsy Lazega - Lash Serum the Really Works!

    I have noticed a big difference in the thickness and volume of my lashes in just two weeks. I have fairly light lashes and a few spots that are more sparse. Since using this, I notice some of the sparse patches are more filled in. I will definitely continue to use! There is no color to it and I dont feel any thing weird (burning or stinging) when I put it on. I apply it at night before bed.

  • Kristen M Pritchett - Costume was super cute and my child was very excited but when ...

    Costume was super cute and my child was very excited but when we opened it we about passed out from the smell. It smells like some kind of fuel.....so strong it burns your nose and throat. I inspected shipping box to see if something had been spilled on it but the box is fine. The smell is the costume and its bag. I hope I can get the smell out because it is so bad that my child will not be able to wear it smelling like this!