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Country:, Europe, SI

City: 15 , Slovenia

  • Tybler - LOVE this product!

    This is the second one I've ordered, I want to have a spare, just in case. Sydney is a 7 yr old American Eskimo, and like the other reviewers - she barks at everything including falling leaves! I initially purchased this about 2 years ago to help with thunderstorms. The poor thing jumps up on my lap and literally shakes and hyperventilates at the very smallest thunderclap. I couldn't take her shaking, so was amazed when I put this on her the first time and she sprawled out at my feet and took a nap during a storm (while I, on the other hand took another anxiety pill....I swear I scarred her with MY fear of storms!) :)

  • 1hward - Learned this machine and now it's a dream cleaner!

    I have been using a steaming floor mop for years... And then I saw this 3-in-1 Hoover floor cleaner... The spinning brushes and 3-in-1 convenience sucked me in, and I had to get one! After using it a total of 3 times now, I can see what a difference it makes in cleaning my floors. These are the little things I've learned about this cleaner: 1) I can fill it up with mostly water and add a tiny bit of floor cleaner concentrate, and it works perfectly. 2) I am in full control of how much water goes on the floor. The dirty tank fills up about the same time the clean tank empties, so I empty/refill the same time. The rate at which I spray gets me through approx a 10' x 10' area, before I'm having to refill and empty. At first I thought it was annoying to have to stop and refill the water that soon, but I accepted it for what it is. 3) The vacuum feature is limited because of the vacuum design, but there's ways to get it to work at it's best - I tilt back when sucking up more than small crumbs because otherwise it just pushes the larger dirt around. Also, the vacuum suction is in the middle, so I aim for that area to get up the bigger pieces. 4) The wet feature turns on the brushes, while it's also vacuuming excess water. Therefore, I don't have to switch to Dry mode to get the water up. I can stay in Wet mode without spraying water to suck up water on the floor. It makes it seem easier to not have to switch back and forth between Wet and Dry all the time! 5) This cleans my wood floors like a dream, because they are flat and smooth. It does not do the best on my tile floor, although I'm still satisfied with what it does. 6) It takes about 10 times going over a mark on the floor to remove it in most cases. It cleans the floors good, but it's not magic like on TV. 7) The knob on the side is prone to hitting furniture, which usually switches it into vacuum mode. I have to pay attention to this to switch it back to Wet mode. 8) Overall, I am happy with this floor cleaner and glad I have it. Once I accepted that I can't work nonstop like I did with my steamer mop, and I figured out how the thing really works, I adjusted and accepted it for how it is. My floors are literally cleaner than they've ever been, and I can tell it's true by the dirty water color - it has gotten lighter each time I've used it!

  • gogo - Im in love

    I just received it and its really gorgeous but unfortunately it came without grantee, so if any thing happen i cant repar it withou it, otherwise i really loved it