Blood Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes :: OneTouch® - YOU are to be applauded. We believe you are the real expert on diabetes. And that you know better than anyone what it takes to stand in the face of diabetes with the discipline, confidence, and will to live life to its fullest.

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  • About Us :: OneTouch® - YOU are standing smack in the middle of a great, big, amazing thing called life. It's yours and yours alone. Your dreams and ambitions. Challenges and failures. Adventures and lessons and triumphs. Diabetes shouldn't hold you back. We know, as do you, that diabetes requires attention daily and vigilance always. But it should not be permitted to take attention or vigilance away from the things, large and small, that feed your joy. We believe that living with diabetes means, first and foremost, living. And by birthright, you are a person. Not a patient. A person who understands their own blood sugar's habits and moves, and the simple power of making a choice and correcting a course while never missing one moment of the amazing life you call yours. The rest of which is waiting for you.
  • Get a Free Meter :: OneTouch® - Get the Meter that’s right for you Meet the OneTouch Verio® Meter and OneTouch Verio®IQ Meter OneTouch Verio® The meter that provides more information* at a glance. No need to scroll or push buttons.
  • OneTouch Verio® Meter :: OneTouch® - The OneTouch Verio Flex™ meter featuring ColourSure™ technology helps take the guesswork out of your blood glucose numbers
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  • Ali O - sometime i will plug my phone into charge and come ...

    sometime i will plug my phone into charge and come back to realize it didn't charge because I needed to push in the cable a bit harder to get a complete connection. Just make sure it's charging before you walk away. You may have to push the cable in further.

  • Jeffrey Studebaker - I can't play pre-recorded bluray discs with it, and ...

    I can't play pre-recorded bluray discs with it, and that is why I bought it. I can't find a link with the manufacturer even to ask if there is an add-on that would permit it.