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  • http://www.onthewards.org/pods/110-perioperative-management-diabetic-patients/ onthewards :: 110: Perioperative management of diabetic patients - James talks to Dr Barbara Depczynski, Endocrinologist, about BSL monitoring, hypoglycaemics and insulin in the perioperative setting
  • http://www.onthewards.org/blog/2016/10/nothing-ventured-nothing-gained/ onthewards :: Nothing ventured, nothing gained - Dr Rob Zielinski, a Medical Oncologist living and working in Orange, moved from Sydney to Orange to complete a year of training more than 10 years ago. Rob writes about how his move to Orange became a catalyst for a major lifestyle change and the benefits and opportunities of working in regional and rural medicine.
  • http://www.onthewards.org/pods/109-vomiting-neonate/ onthewards :: 109: Vomiting in the neonate - Professor Nick Evans, Staff Specialist in Neonatal Medicine, discusses an approach to vomiting in the neonate
  • http://www.onthewards.org/blog/2016/10/tips-being-good-registrar/ onthewards :: Tips on being a good registrar - Dr Ken Liu writes and gives his tips on how to transition from working as a junior doctor to becoming a good registrar
  • http://www.onthewards.org/blog/2016/10/importance-asking-difficult-questions/ onthewards :: The importance of asking difficult questions - Suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and abuse are 3 different topics in the psychiatric interview that medical students and junior doctors often struggle with. What's the best way to broach these topics in the clinical setting? Dr Anthony Llewellyn, psychiatrist, writes about tackling these difficult questions
  • http://www.onthewards.org/blog/2016/10/creating-mentally-healthy-work-practices-across-large-medical-facilities/ onthewards :: Creating mentally healthy work practices across large medical facilities - Dr Geoff Toogood, Cardiologist and volunteer speaker for Beyondblue, writes about the complex stigma associated with seeking support for mental health issues among medical professionals who must work at their peak under pressure for long hours within large medical facilities
  • http://www.onthewards.org/pods/108-indigenous-health-top-end/ onthewards :: 108: Indigenous Health in the Top End - We head up to the Northern Territory for a special podcast. Dr. Kerrie Jones, Emergency Medicine Consultant, and Dr. Jess Tidswell, Emergency Medicine Registrar at the Royal Darwin Hospital discuss the cultural landscape of the Northern Territory and some of the social and communication challenges of Indigenous health in the top end
  • http://www.onthewards.org/blog/2016/10/what-if-hospitals-were-run-apple/ onthewards :: What if hospitals were run by Apple - The experience of presenting to the Apple Store Genius Bar might carry some important lessons for hospital workflows. Dr Martin Seneviratne, Resident Medical Officer, explains why.
  • http://www.onthewards.org/onthevids/part-1-fluid-assessment/ onthewards :: VID 2: Part 1 - Fluid Assessment - Interns and residents are often required to conduct a fluid assessment in the clinical setting. In this first video, a very basic introduction to fluid physiology is presented.
  • http://www.onthewards.org/pods/84-hyponatraemia/ onthewards :: 84: Hyponatraemia - Dr Darren Roberts talks about hyponatraemia, a common yet confusing topic for junior doctors on the wards
  • http://www.onthewards.org/pods/82-vertigo-and-dizziness/ onthewards :: 82: Vertigo and dizziness - James talks to Dr Katherine Spira about Vertigo and Dizziness, common symptoms that patients complain of when admitted to the hospital wards.
  • http://www.onthewards.org/pods/73-what-makes-good-intern/ onthewards :: 73: What makes a good Intern - Dr Ken Liu, Bridget Barbaro and Amy Freeman-Sanderson talk to James about what makes a good Intern
  • http://www.onthewards.org/onrequest/onthejobs/2015/04/curriculum-vitae-cv-inflation/ onthewards :: Curriculum vitae (CV) inflation - Dr James Edwards discusses the recent phenomenon of CV inflation amongst junior doctors, the factors driving CV inflation and its implications.

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    We were so happy the keyless entry remote worked. It was not hard to program at all. Very pleased. Now we know where to get another if something happens to this one. We recommend this to anyone.

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    This day and night routine is great for ageing skin. Very light. The day solution is wonderful under makeup, too.

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    I really do love my iWALK2.0. I broke my foot a week ago and with four children, being on crutches wasn't an option. The first day I tried it on I was very hesitant and nervous to use it. I truly thought that I might send it back. But after a day or two, I got the hang of it and I could not function right now without it! Putting it together wasn't difficult. It is VERY important to view the instructional videos (I think they are on YouTube).

  • wisconsinmike - Saved the day after disappointing Xfinity implementation

    I was a little skeptical after reading all the 5 star reviews, but now I get it. Initially, I purchased an Xfinity (Comcast) router/cable modem/wireless access point. The reviews on that product were correct - the wireless is almost useless. The problem was solved within 15 minutes after the Almond arrived. Download speeds (using the Comcast speedtest site) went from 10 (with the Xfinity wifi) to 56 mbps for nearby computers, and from less than 1 (again using the Xfinity wifi) to a solid 12 mbps for laptops 35 ft away. It was easy to set up - I put the Xfinity router in bridge mode so the Securifi was acting as the NAT or main router. I downloaded the iPhone app, and have been successful in monitoring and even rebooting the router (located in Houston) from Wisconsin.

  • Jessicareads - I had high hopes for this book.

    I had a hard time getting into this story. It is a very dark and taboo story of love and sex between a step daughter and step father. I finished the book but it was difficult to stay with it. This is the first book I have read by this author. I was given this book for an honest review.

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    Again this year I have used Taxcut because it does a fine job. Easy to use, imports perosnal info and 1099's from some brokerage accounts (but not Charles Schwab). I have lots of W-2's, 1099's and stock sales transactions and the Deluxe version of this program handles everything well. I never have to bother keeping up with tax law changes or reading IRS instructions - this program takes care of everything. All I have to do is collect my paperwork, enter the answers the program asks, and it's done. Just wish it could import my 1099 data directly from more sources, like Schwab and more employers. However, this is not a show stopper. May be better in fact because it allows me to review the stock sales data and look for brokerage errors. The program downloaded cleanly and worked first time. Gets better every year.

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