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  • Richard Osborn - Incredible!

    Hard to believe, but true! I absolutely believe every word! I have always distrusted the Clintons. I wish they would just take a number and have a seat. Go away! This book is well written and I read it in two short days. I believe it to be 100% true written by a reliable author who backs up all he has written. I wish Donald Trump would tell the U.S. voters to read it. Yes, Hillary is a foul-mouthed, angry, self-centered and selfish woman who would walk over her grandmother to get to the White House.

  • Goldilocks - Contains copper

    I returned mine immediately because of the high copper content which is not mentioned on the website.

  • Haribo is from Hell. - I would rather die than experience that again

    If you are a critique by nature like myself, save yourself the pain and embarrassment and listen to the reviews..

  • sgbetty - mesmerizing

    Slow reader that I am, I quickly decide whether or not to read a book based on the first few sentences. I was instantly hooked on A Short Time to Stay Here. Outstanding writing combined with a fascinating, historical topic kept me mesmerized as I went on this dream like journey with Steven Robbins. Highly recommended.

  • Holly - So easy

    Great for when you don't want to think or plan, it's like a liquid vitamin you're getting them in steady. Also reminds you to drink water. If you do it "as directed" you're on a 800 total liquid calorie diet for two days (so 400 a day). Good for a Jumpstart but wouldn't be long term results obviously. We preferred to use it a replacement drinks for on the go. Does contain heavy (natural) sugars though.

  • Phinneas Crow - A little sweet but great for making simple homemade apple wine.

    I use this to make homemade apple wine and it is very effective for that purpose. It is pure juice with no preservatives so whether you're looking to make cheap booze or just get a healthy juice at a low price, this won't let you down.