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  • Bryce - I love playing with this sand at my desk at work

    I love playing with this sand at my desk at work, which is why I bought it. I received the 2.2 lb sand and wish I would've gotten a smaller size because there is so much sand I don't know what to do with it except give it away to other people who like playing with it.

  • Michael G. Martin - Bootleg or not? I don't know.

    I feel Kaspersky is the best anti-virus out there, but when I ordered it I thought I was getting a full package. All I received was the disc. It leads me to believe I was sold the original disc after the original purchaser had made a copy.

  • Who Dares Cheer All - AMAZING no need for a stove

    I live in a apartment with a gas stove. the gas company wanted $200 to turn it on. I already had a George Foreman and triple slow cooker. I read the reviews and I bought it on sale. I tell you the thing is amazing. It heats up fast, the temperature change is fast and direct. The pan it self is SO non stick you dont really need oil or spray and it cleans in a snap. GREAT BUY! I bought the set and Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Jeffrey M - Although I Did Not Purchase This Thru Amazon Rather Thru ...

    Although I Did Not Purchase This Thru Amazon Rather Thru First Choice. It Definitely Helped When Working The First Unit Died Within 4 Months Of Purchase, Replacement Was Sent Shortly After, And It Died Within 60 Days Of Receiving It. Now In The Process Of Trying To Get My Money Refunded

  • Books Are Better - It is Just Okay, not gripping

    i read the reviews, but still ordered the movie. It was okay, but not something that you would want to review over and over.

  • Cecilia - I would not buy this again.

    My best guess is it would take 5-6 cartridges and 4 months to MAYBE see a difference. I did my calfs and noticed a few spots of reduced hair growth- but never got to the point of not shaving. And the best part, if you get through $150 in cartridges and 4 months later, you get to start all over- because the hair is only gone for a few weeks!

  • Amazon Customer - I love the wisdom and insight I am receiving from this ...

    I love the wisdom and insight I am receiving from this text. Its easy to read and will serve as a number one go to for reference.