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  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/about/ About Ostomy | Ostomy Guide - Ostomy guide is a Web resource for individuals who either have, or know someone who has had to deal with the implications of an ostomy. What is ostomy? An
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/links-resources/ Links & Resources | Ostomy Guide - Ostomy Products & Brands Coloplast Hollister Convatec Nu-Hope Anatomical Aprons by Joy Ostomy Armor My Heart
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/ostomy-videos/ Ostomy Videos | Ostomy Guide - Living with an Ostomy Ostomy Surgery Explanation Joy demonstrates how colostomy surgery is done.(If you like the anatomical apron, she sells them here.)
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/the-most-popular-ostomy-guide-posts/ The Most Popular Ostomy Guide Posts | Ostomy Guide - Over the years we've collected a number of informative posts and online resources to assist ostomates, their families, and practictioners. Here are links to
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/a-guide-to-sex-with-an-ostomy A Guide to Sex with an Ostomy | Ostomy Guide - Before we get started, let's cut to the chase and let it be known that for most ostomates, a stoma has little effect over the ability to enjoy sex, regardless
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/useful-ostomy-supplies-for-intimacy Useful Ostomy Supplies for Intimacy | Ostomy Guide - Mini-Pouches – Mini-pouches won’t hold much so you don’t wear them long. Mini-pouches are far smaller closed pouches perfect for special occasions when an
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/tsa-screening-cards-for-ostomates-and-those-with-health-conditions TSA Screening Cards for Ostomates and those with Health Conditions | Ostomy Guide - Yesterday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved of a solution to help passengers with medical conditions such as Ostomy discreetly inform
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/full-body-scans-in-airports-and-ostomy Full Body Scans in Airports and Ostomy | Ostomy Guide - ***UPDATE 11/24/2010*** The TSA has recently implemented new procedures for backscatter x-rays (like the image seen below) and "enhanced pat downs" for
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/preparing-for-an-ostomy-on-the-go Preparing for an Ostomy On the Go | Ostomy Guide - When they first get ostomy surgery, most folks are immediately concerned about how their lives will change. But with some planning, most come to find that
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/ostomy-and-your-diet-eat-well-and-live-well Ostomy & A Nutritional Diet – Know Your Guts! | Ostomy Guide - Most folks generally don't think too much about what/how they eat and how it affects their waste (short of feeling ill or diarrhea). The reasons for this are
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/managing-ostomy-accidents-leaks-sleeping-odors-blowouts Managing Ostomy Accidents – Leaks, Sleeping, Odors, and Blowouts | Ostomy Guide - Ostomy accidents can happen - leaks, blowouts, strong odors; you name it, if its prone to causing embarrassing situations, it's probably going to happen at some
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/hot-cold-and-stoma-how-weather-affects-an-ostomy Hot, Cold, and Stoma – How Weather Affects An Ostomy | Ostomy Guide - The temperature and climate of the region you live in can have a game-changing affect on how you wear your ostomy appliances. Especially useful for traveling
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/protecting-yourself-from-stoma-injuries Protecting Yourself from Stoma Injuries | Ostomy Guide - Stoma injury of any kind is a constant concern for ostomates; especially those who are active in sports and activities. Injury is an unpleasant topic, but
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/learning-about-ostomy-complications Learning about Ostomy Complications | Ostomy Guide - Let's discuss about common ostomy and stoma complications faced by Ostomates. 1) Hernia - Since ostomy surgery affects the abdominal wall, hernias are a
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/the-best-colostomy-and-illeostomy-supplies-for-different-lifestyles-aka-a-stoma-doesn’t-mean-the-end-of-life-as-you-know-it The Best Colostomy and Illeostomy Supplies for Different Lifestyles (aka: A Stoma Doesn’t Mean the End of Life as you Know It) | Ostomy Guide - Colostomy surgery isn’t taken lightly. Bad news about health, combined with frightening surgery, a stoma, and a pile of necessary medical equipment for daily
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/useful-ostomy-supplies-for-an-active-lifestyle Useful Ostomy Supplies for an Active Lifestyle | Ostomy Guide - A stoma doesn't mean an end of an active lifestyle, and a stoma shouldn't be an excuse to stay off your feet. There are many, many active ostomates running
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/useful-ostomy-supplies-for-the-overweight Useful Ostomy Supplies For the Overweight | Ostomy Guide - For ostomates with some bulk and heft around the stoma, the extra skin can fold, increasing perspiration and moving the skin in ways that can loosen the
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/useful-ostomy-supplies-for-pediatrics Useful Ostomy Supplies For Pediatrics | Ostomy Guide - Kids should be kids, and most of the same conveniences found in adult ostomy supplies can be found in pediatrics ostomy supplies. Pediatric ostomy supplies
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/cleanliness-is-next-to-godliness-ostomy-supplies-for-convenience-cleanliness-and-odor-control Cleanliness is Next to Godliness – Ostomy Supplies for Convenience, Cleanliness, and Odor Control | Ostomy Guide - With some preparation and easy planning, you can quickly decrease the amount of time caring for your ostomy and also decrease the potential embarrassing
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/interesting-ostomy-products-you-may-not-have-seen-before Interesting Ostomy Products You May Not Have Seen Before | Ostomy Guide - Most vendors of ostomy products provide pouches, wafers, adhesives, pastes, and even some skin products. But, there’s a whole collection of Ostomy products
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/ostomy-reading-list-top-picks/ Ostomy Reading List – Top Picks | Ostomy Guide - Learning about Ostomy, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and IBD The Ostomy Book: Living Comfortably with Colostomies, Ileostomies, and
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/ostomy-lifestyle-swimwear-and-underwear-show-201/ Video from the Ostomy Lifestyle Swimwear and Underwear Show | Ostomy Guide - This event was held on November 2nd, 2011 at Birmingham Town Hall. Each year, Ostomy Lifestyle organizes the swimwear and underwear fashion show as one of
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/ostomy-events-for-2011/ Ostomy Events for 2011 | Ostomy Guide - This is a running list of the Ostomy, IBD, Crohns and Colitis events I'm aware of right now. There are a ton of events planned for 2011, and this is hardly a
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/ostomy-book-guide-for-your-eading-list/ Ostomy Book Guide for Your Reading List | Ostomy Guide - Learn about Ostomy, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, and IBD The Ostomy Book: Living Comfortably with Colostomies, Ileostomies, and Urostomies - updated 2010
  • http://www.ostomyguide.com/ostomy-in-2010-a-year-in-review-with-ostomy-guide/ Ostomy in 2010 – A Year in Review with Ostomy Guide | Ostomy Guide - 2010 has been an amazing year for Ostomy Guide! Our little fledgling blog has grown tremendously and we've had the thanks and blessings of many ostomates who

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  • Clint Tasset - Takes less than 2 minutes to install

    Super simple product to install. Basically plug and play, then have fun with your dual mode exhaust. Car should have had this by factory to begin with.

  • Seth Lively - Seems good for a home treadmill

    Fairly durable, but not quite gym/professional quality. Not too hard to put together. Works well with my wife. I have a few more lbs so it makes quite a bit more noise when I'm running, which is my only really criticism.

  • Runner Simms - Crashes & Won't Save Work

    I did not order this product from Amazon; I ordered it from Hallmark. However, I must vent, because Hallmark does not provide a place for feedback.