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  • K.A.Shaw - A Break from those Study encyclopedias

    Really informative...Helped out a lot for my GRE prep. A nice break from using those over sized study guides filled with so much information one can become overwhelmed. This guide is straight to the point. Hits all the major keys and includes a practice test in the back. I was well prepared using this one guide.

  • bombsfadeaway - Great game!

    I chose this game over the new Fitness Evolved solely because this is for the Kinect. I've played other Wii fitness games, only to be annoyed or frustrated by having to hold the Wiimote the entire time (and sometimes have it not register things correctly). The Kinect does a good job overall in tracking my movements and giving me the appropriate points. There are a few exercises it struggles with seeing properly, but I'm not entirely certain it's not due to my play space being a bit smaller than usual. Our couch is very heavy, so I can't move it each time I want to play, and a lot of the time end up backed up against it. But overall the game is a good tool for fitness- I burn around 1,000 calories per 90 minute workout, and enjoy the combination of high intensity cardio, weight training and yoga/tai chi.

  • Tori - Timbuktu A+ for travel.

    I bought this for my husband and he loves it. It looks really nice. What he really likes is that he doesn't have to take his laptop out at airport security. The bag folds so the laptop is flat on its own and doesn't have to come out of the bag. The compartment for the power cord and he Napoleon pocket for his tablet are also favorite features. If you travel a lot, this is a bag for you.

  • Arthur Pendrum - Falling apart.

    The Velcro on the wrist straps began falling off after the first wash. Since then I've Crazy Glued them several times and they're still barely holding together. My previous Fox gloves lasted five years until the seams just started giving out. Due to twice weekly washes in the washing machine, on warm, short cycle, though I always air dry the white finger nubs have all but disappeared though (other than the Velcro delamination issue) the gloves seem no worse for wear. I'd also prefer a much, much less giant white fox and fox head on the hands, but these were cheaper than other models so I've put up with it. I've searched for warranty info to return these to Fox but haven't found any online.

  • Reanna R. King - A beginning to end thriller-- for its appropriate audience.

    Before I begin my review, I must introduce myself as an optimist and a very emotional, sentimental person who usually prefers happy endings. I cry at episodes of cartoon shows, and I tend to become very emotionally invested in anything I watch or read. Despite this, I have a soft spot for disaster movies, the more over the top the better. I went into this movie already having enjoyed Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but unsure how I would receive this. The trailer wowed me, but I was unsure if I could handle a film of this magnitude.

  • Brian Roper - Best Monitor I've Ever Owned.

    Fantastic monitor! Very thin and light-weight while still retaining a sturdy stand. The lighting and colors look great on it, far better than any other monitor I've owned. I feel like the thin border around the screen compliments that, and is also great if you are looking for a dual or triple monitor setup as the space between your screens will be so minimal. Looks great with high-end gaming and HD movies, at least [for nVidia users] if your 'Output Dynamic Range' in your nVidia control panel is set to 'Full.' They tend to default that to a lesser setting which greatly tones down and fades your colors, but on the right setting it really looks amazing on this monitor, much more noticeable than on my last one.

  • Lindsey Poyner - Smells wonderful!

    Bought this to replace my Doterra lemon E.O. which would be more expensive to replace. The package came a day earlier than I was told it would which is great!! I opened it right away and was thrilled with the smell, the taste is also great tastes just like zest from a lemon definitely would be again.