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  • Rainy Days & Mondays - Potential side effects for cats:

    I currently have 5 healthy indoor cats. They range from 6-years old to seven months. The two younger cats I had up for adoption for a few weeks along with their littermates at a local cat rescue shelter. During their stay at shelter they must have picked up some fleas. I used a flea comb on a kitten last week and noticed a bit of flea dirt. I treated all the cats with Advantage (Flea control) and washed and sterilized all their bedding along with practically everything else in the house that was washable. As a last step to preventing any major flea outbreak I ordered a 3-lb container of Fleabusters RX from I followed the manufacturer's directions while applying it to my carpets. I thoroughly raked it deep into the carpet. Because of cold winter weather and dry inside air, my home is currently charged with static electricity. So much so that when I pet my cats their fur snaps and pops with static. Apparently because of the static, the Fleabusters powder was sticking to my cats after they crossed the freshly treated carpet. My shinny black cat was covered with a fine talcum coating of flea power especially near his legs and paws. While I was out for the evening, my statically charged cats must have continued to play with their toys and roll on the carpet picking up additional flea power in their fur. When I got home late that evening the first cat started throwing up. Then, all through the night I was constantly awakened by all five cats retching and vomiting. The frequent vomiting continued throughout the next day and was joined by extreme water like diarrhea. I contacted the Emergency Poison Control Center, paid their $30.00 fee and I was told my cats were experiencing all the symptoms of Orthoboric poisoning (Active ingredient in Fleabusters RX.) I contacted Fleabusters and explained to them how my cats were poisoned by their flea power. Fleabusters assured me that mine was a unique experience and promised they would research this incident. Because cats are fastidious cleaners and lick themselves constantly there is always a chance under the right conditions that Fleabusters RX, or any other flea power or even talcum powder, could harm your cat if it ingests enough of it. My cats are all young and healthy so they should fully recover with no long term side effects. Old, sick and very young cats might be more at risk. If you are concerned about your cat ingesting this power you may want to keep your cat confined to one room while you treat the rest of your carpet. Then, after a few days you can start vacuuming again and most of the loose power will be gone. Once the loose power has been vacuumed you could then allow your cat access to the treated carpet.

  • Lorrie - serves what I needed it for

    works well with the stroller but not much space to put anything in the pockets. Purchased this one as the generic ones that attach to the handle did not fit.

  • Abraham Frei-Pearson - I don't think that Kaplan has really figured this test out

    There is a noticeable difference in quality between the questions that Kaplan gives and the questions available at the ETS website and in the ETS's official guide. It seems that the people who write these questions for Kaplan have not had enough time to really acclimate themselves with the Revised GRE. Many of their questions are just not of very good quality (rely too heavily on esoteric vocabulary, have specious reasoning for why one answer is correct and another one incorrect, do not make clear what they are asking, etc.). In addition, I noticed some flagrant errors in the quantitative section of the practice test available online. This book provides a lot of material, but I'm not sure if any of it is useful.

  • Sibelius - Sweet driver for those prone to slicing

    For those who are prone to slicing - Pinemeadow's PGX Offset Driver is designed to help reduce such errors with a larger, more forgiving club face that is balanced extremely close to the shaft itself. After going through a few buckets at the range I managed to get a proper feel for the club and with easy, lazy swings was able to hit the sweet spot with much more consistency than I am used to versus my other drivers. The driver is sharply styled with a black graphite shaft that nicely complements the matte finished black head accented with silver, white and green elements. The club also comes with a well constructed and heavily cushioned head cover.

  • Lee Scott - DEVASTATING!!!

    Imagine being able to take a dump on anything you wanted. LIQUID ASS is the ultimate revenge tool. I used to unload a can of pepper spray in someones air conditioner for revenge, now I use LIQUID ASS. Nasty bus driver; spray the back of his coat or pants. He smells like he crapped his pants all day. Same with a cab driver-- it will take his cab out of service. Imagine putting a few drops of this in a perfume tester. Or spraying a bit of this in a restaurant or other high end business. It could cost them huge $$$$ as this stuff lasts for hours. LIQUID ASS is most effective AFTER it dries. I read the CIA has a whole line of stenches and irritants for various uses. This surely has to be one of them. LIQUID ASS is more than a practical joke, it's pure evil.

  • Kiya - Oh my gawd

    This is the best I've yet, not because it's the most current but unlike the other games you can level up and earn achievements and trophies as well as challenge strangers and pay with others in the game. Incredible