Applied Kinesiology - Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system for evaluating body function by means of muscle testing that is unique to the healing arts. While most people think of chiropractic in terms of dealing with spinal problems such as low back, herniated disc, leg and neck pain, etc., with the use of Applied Kinesiology many treatable conditions have responded favorably to this method of care.

  • What is Applied Kinesiology? - Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system for evaluating body function by means of muscle testing that is unique to the healing arts. Applied Kinesiology

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  • nurse - Good Review

    Brand New edition with the disc. It is very help for the NCLEX and HESI review. I plan to use it over and over.

  • BIG PAPA - This is the BEST AntiVirus program available!!!

    No matter what ANYONE ever tells you, this is the Very Best Antivirus program available currently on the market. It runs without using up all your memory just running in the background. It will catch attempts to infect your computer LONG before, sometimes without the others even seeing them...N***on, K******sky, Tr**d, M***ee....These just DO NOT give you the same protection and all will slow down your unit. If you need an AV program for your computer, this is the one! Just try it will never go back to the other major known name brands.

  • J. Campbell - Always interesting articles in every issue

    I subscribe to numerous bicycling magazines (Bicycling, Velonews, Momentum, Paved, Bicycle Quarterly) and this is one of my favorites. It has a broad range of articles but is not focused on racing.

  • T-Bone - Fit my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Hard to install.

    See title, above. Others aren't kidding when they say that the brake pedal is hard to get on. I used a heat gun probably a half dozen times with various prying tools and it took me about 30 minutes of grunting and groaning. They look really, really good and your feet don't slip on them. And they're never coming off!!

  • V. Kaplan - Not for me

    Let me start by saying that I decided not to upgrade to the 2013 version. I suppose some people will ding me for posting a review on a product I don't use. However, my decision is based on a long history of using Quicken, so hear me out.

  • Ken Grant - Completely Unexpected

    I got this book for my wife as a gag gift because we are always wondering where we can stop on road trips for gas, food, or whatever. We just completed a 3000+ mile, 19 day road trip covering 7 states (six twice), I tried the book out when we were ready for our first food break and was surprised at how detailed it was. We loved that it told us which direction to turn once we pulled off the Interstate. Unfortunately it was not able to tell us what gas prices were at the stops, but I suppose that is understandable. This new book now looks old and battered. It is dog eared and bent. We'll use it a lot in the future. I do wish it covered other highways than just interstates. I understand that to cover every state and county road would be a stretch, but if it could include federal highways that would be a great help. Thanks for the book.