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  • Anthony - just didn't work

    So just a little background on me I've been working out for years I'm a certified personal trainer and strength and agility couch. This stuff did not work for me at all did not help me cut weight I wasn't sweating anymore then I normally do just didn't work .

  • Danessa Foo - Redraft your schedule and live the change, one calendar square at a time.

    A page turner. This book is filled with so much wisdom, truth and practical tips on how to replenish your depleted energy and charge oneself with God's strength. I have been using the author's advice: In order to stay spiritually centred, I must protect those quiet, peaceful, uninterrupted morning hours and surrender them to God.

  • Amazon Customer - Best thing ever after alien abduction

    I have been abducted by aliens 16 times during the past 3 ½ years. After the probes and biopsies it is really comforting to open up the book I treasure most of all - Sonia Allison's Microwave For One.

  • Suze - This was a miracle for me!

    It seemed like once I hit my late 30s, I started getting all kinds of painful bumps or "boils" in my groin area. My OBGYN said it was ingrown hairs....I found that hard to believe since some would end up on the inside of my thigh where there is no hair. I started researching and came across Princereigns and decided to give it a try. It took about 2 weeks for me...but I noticed I wasnt getting those bumps anymore. I figured maybe I was just having a "dry spell" but kept using it. Its been about 2 years now that I have been using it and I very rarely get any bumps or boils at all. I used it once a day for the 1st year or so, now I used it every 3 or 4 days. One time I stopped for about 2 weeks, and those bumps started coming back. 2 of my friends at work started talking about having the same problems I did and I told them to try this and they did, and are amazed. Its been about 1 month and neither 1 of them has gotten any at all. I say if you have problems like this, try it...just one bottle. If you dont notice any difference at all, then dont buy it again but to me, $25 total is sooo worth it to get rid of those horrible bumps! And now it lasts me several months since I dont use it as much, so $25 every 3 months or so is not bad for the relief!