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  • RITA - Amazing quick charger!

    Amazing quick charger! This charger quick charges ipad's batteries, iphones and probably all other devices super quick! without any other problems. Also includes a 10 FT lighting cable that is high quality and can let you more freedom then the standard cable.

  • Chris Roberts - WeatherTech Mats are the best. I had them in my 2008 RAV4 and ...

    WeatherTech Mats are the best. I had them in my 2008 RAV4 and would use no other in my 2015 4Runner. They fit perfectly and look better than the Toyota all season weather mats.

  • Tom K. - Ok story, but very unrealistic characters

    The main plotline is very classic (interstellar war, lost spaceship, humans galaxy's last hope), and written reasonably well. But the book really lacks realism in the characters and much of the backstory.

  • AmbitiousK - Self explanatory!!!!!

    the product does what it suppose to complaints...overall great product and its useful on multiple computers which is a plus

  • John Colman - It's great but you might not actually need it...

    It works. It's pocket-sized. The color-codes are printed on both sides of the device. It was reasonably priced. Recommend.

  • Justin L. - Traveling with stubby antenna.

    I bought this thing and I liked the look that it gives and the radio comes in clear. However the distance it picks up on FM stations is not great. When I travel to see family in Austin coming from Houston, I have to wait out the radio static of both cities bc the antenna range is not that big. I also take road trip vacations and I noticed the difference between the stock and this one while in the middle of no where. If you are in the middle of no where you'll more than likely no be able to listen to the radio.