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  • Bernie - Turning Point review

    Turning Point is the excellent third post apocalyptic book of The Blackout Series written by author Bobby Akart. Can't wait to read the fourth.

  • Kristen - So Far, So Good! My Teeth Feel Incredibly Clean and Definitely Look Great!

    So, I've been seeing more and more videos and articles on the internet regarding brushing your teeth with activated charcoal for whitening your teeth. At first I thought it was just a fad and honestly, a little silly. I've used charcoal tablets for years for stomach issues and never considered that it could have other uses. I recently went to my dentist for a cleaning and the dental hygienist mentioned the whole charcoal movement. She said she had personally seen a difference in a few patients that had admitted to using charcoal. She said not only did their teeth appear whiter but plaque build-up seemed to be at a minimum in those particular patients. I was really surprised! My grandmother made me use baking soda with my toothpaste when I was a kid and I never thought it made any difference, so I was a little skeptical at first. But I decided to give it a try. My dental hygienist was using it and liked the way it was working so I figured she would know better than anybody if it was working.

  • Rabid_Shopper - A great budget option - decent match for the Toyota brand

    Worked fine! I decided after the teenager has lost the second hubcap, I'm finished replacing them with the considerably-more-expensive hubcaps with the Toyota logo. I purchased a set of the four hubcaps for little more than one OEM hubcap would have been, and now I have three spares. It's really not that noticeable and the price was very reasonable. And now I have three more even if it does fall off - for some reason my left front tire likes to shed that hubcap. I ignored the instructions, fitted it around the inflation stem and gently kicked it onto the wheel with my foot...the beauty of buying cheap. It hasn't fallen off yet so - I call it an unequivocal success.

  • Maria Bush - It was great!

    My son loved it! He's 3 years old and had me rereading it over and over! It was easy for me to animate it and make it exciting to read. I enjoyed reading it!

  • G.B. - A must read if health/weight is an issue for you

    This is one, if not, the best books on diet and health that I've run across. Dr. Hymen walks you through the reasons that we can't lose weight or have health issues and continue and the reasons why we yo-yo up and down wilt health and weight, over and over again. His main emphases is on sugar, sugar substitutes, processed food - which by the way, if you pull out what you have in your cupboards and freezer, you will find either sugar or a sugar substitute in every box, can, bottle etc... I did this about halfway through the book and was totally blown away. There is now way the one can win over an addiction with sugar, you don't stand a chance. Like smoking, it is totally addictive. In studies, sugar is as, if not more than, addictive that heroin and it is insured that it is in most foods that we eat. Dr. Hyman's second strategy is to attempt to get his readers off of processed foods and back to eating fresh produce and meats. My wife and I started the detox fast and the emotional need for sugar has already subsided. Personally, my sleep is more sound, not waking up at night due to neuropathy, then trying to get back to sleep. My energy level is way up and My main interest in the book was for health issues, which he addresses well and my Wife's interest is for weight loss, not a problem of mine. Okay, I'm not a ghost writer for Dr. Hymen. I'm an individual that has been suffering health issues for the past 8 years and decided to take a chance on this book. From what I've seen and felt over the past few days, I see nothing but a positive outlook for the future. Thanks for reading.

  • RobertB - Looks awesome. Worked Great for 3 months. Then Epic Failure.

    After 3 months of impressive performance, my family went away on a three day vacation. On the way back and about an hour away from returning home, we tried to turn the heat up so we could arrive to a warm home. The setting was on "away." When we tried to turn the heat up, we got a message saying that the last time the unit was "on line" was two days ago. We were disappointed that we could not warm up the house but that was the least our problems. After assuring my wife that the Nest would just maintain the preset "Away" temperature, we were shocked to arrive at a house that was 43 degrees F ! The weekend had been cold. It never got above 20 degrees and the over night temperatures were in the single digits...I have a separate thermometer in the house that records low and hi temps as well as the current temp and I confirmed the house had gotten as cold as 34 degrees! Half of our houseplants looked dead and our upstairs bathroom had frozen pipes! Nest support was responsive once the 20 minute wait to get to a live person was experienced. After several trouble shooting recommendations, we were able to get our heat working by tricking the Nest into believing the AC was the heat source. So the problem was our base. Nest promised to send us a new one immediately but seriously, this product, while nearly there in terms of functionality, design, and ease of use; is not ready for prime time. A device of this importance needs redundancy protections built in. IT CANNOT change settings preset by the owner. END OF STORY. No excuses please. Make a device more reliable, not less reliable, than the unit being replaced. It took more than 12 hours to heat our home back to a normal temperature. Imagine if we had been gone for a week or more???? This was a horrible experience I don't wish on anyone. I reinstalled the old thermostat. Bummer but at least it works.

  • Vivian - the check engine light came back on and I was really disappointed. Two days after the check engine light came ...

    The check engine light on my car was on for a few months and the code was indicating a catalytic converter problem. I poured the entire bottle into the gas tank when it was a little less than a quarter tank left. I drove it on the freeway for ten miles and then filled up the tank. I cleared the check engine light and drove it for a few days. The check engine light came back on within 100 miles. Needing to clear the check engine light for the upcoming smog check, I tried another bottle over the 4th of July weekend, but this time I drove it 20 miles before filling up and I cleared the check engine light again. Within 100 miles of driving, the check engine light came back on and I was really disappointed. Two days after the check engine light came back on, I was driving home from work and this time the check engine light turned off on its own. Well, I just had my car smog checked over the weekend and it passed! This stuff really works, at least for me it did.