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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Michael Johnson - Great Case-Stylish, Sleek, Curiously Grippy!

    This case is great! Speck really knows how to make em'. This case looks great, fits the phone like a charm, and is highly resistant to drops. The lip on the front comes out just enough to not be intrusive, yet protect the phone when you place it face-down...or when you drop it face down! That said, the best thing about this case is that it appears from the candy shell to be slippery; whereas there couldn't be anything farther from the truth! The candy shell gives it a candy-grip! Very stable and NOT SLIPPERY AT ALL in the hand. Very curious this candy grip stuff...I like!

  • Nomad Snake - Brown kids gloves, what else is there to say ...

    Brown kids gloves, what else is there to say? They did their job admiably before one was lost. We shall give the remaining glove a proper burial at sea with full honors.

  • Latifa Morrisette - Bad boy with a heart of gold

    I loved reading this book. Elle and Liam together made for really hot fireworks whenever they were together. Eventhough there was a wall separating them their chemistry was off the charts.

  • Heather M. Walker - This stuff is AWESOME!! I have tried everything

    This stuff is AWESOME!! I have tried everything, you name it, Plexus, Thrive, even Belviq and Adipex, and nothing works as wonderfully as this. I haven't done anything different than I normally do, and in the first week and a half I lost five pounds. Nothing I have ever tried has EVER done that! I don't feel jittery and nervous, my stomach doesn't hurt (though I recommend taking it with food just in case) and it doesn't keep me up at night. I only take one a day and so far I have had amazing results. I'm very happy, and I plan on buying more!

  • Bobbie A. - Wonderful diaper cream!

    My 9 week old daughter has very sensitive skin and I myself try to use only natural products on my skin so it goes without saying I want the best out there for my baby. This cream is very light, has a wonderful smell and is wonderful at preventing and treating minor diaper rash (it might be great for treating severe rash - we just never have had one luckily)

  • Daryl E. Smith - I literally beat the crap out of these with the amount of use they ...

    If you need a basic powerful cordless drill...this is it. I've owned several of these and always keep two in my truck that I use on the road daily. I literally beat the crap out of these with the amount of use they get and they just keep on going. The only time I actually broke one of these was when it fell off the roof of my van, (Don't ask!) and that was my own fault. The drill shattered but the battery was still intact, so I ordered another drill and now I have an additional spare battery. Aside from my previously mentioned incident, the only problem I've ever experienced with these is the forward/reverse button breaking off on one side. I was still able to use the drill as it was until I used super glue to reattach the button. Admittedly, even this was due to the way they were being used and stored in the truck, NOT a flaw in the tool. For the can't beat these.

  • Julia Miller - Unfortunate.

    Beautiful car seat, kind of tall. I did end up returning it because the cushions around the sides of the head are huge and seemed to annoy my daughter and prevent from being able to look around much at all. We got a Chicco Nextfit instead.